Beauty products have been around since the Egyptians, although the industry has certainly evolved. One of the latest trends and my personal favorite change in the beauty world has been the introduction and attention to organic products. 

Choosing organic means you are choosing a product that is better for your skin, your health, and the environment. With the influx of various brands, organic has become an affordable option; the only question is, which organic beauty brand should you choose?

We’ve highlighted three of our favorite women’s beauty brand owners in the organic category based on the quality, uniqueness, and affordability of their products. 

Delrae CiCinelli

DelRae Cicinelli’s love of entrepreneurship started in high school, where she was a part of the DECA program and had developed a 30-page business plan by the time she was a senior. At college, she studied pre-med, however right before finishing up school, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

At first, she was devastated, but now she considers herself lucky, for it was through this diagnosis that she discovered herbalism and essential oils. Once she began using essential oils, her diagnosis improved, and so she became immersed in herbalism and natural living. 

She is now a certified herbalist and the owner of Loil Life, a natural company using organic ingredients infused with herbs and essential oils. Loil Life has recently opened their first brick and mortar in Surprise, Arizona, where you can shop their all-natural products in person. Their product line includes traditional beauty products such as face powder, face serum, and clay masks, as well as organic products for the home. 

The biggest thing that sets Loil Life apart is Loily Little, a product line for little ones, including diaper rash cream and a baby bum mask. With the thought and care put into Loily Little, it comes as no surprise (the expression, not the location of their store) that DelRae is a momma of two, making her especially understanding of the importance of quality products for children. 

NOTO Botanics, true beauty products
courtesy of NOTO Botanics

Gloria Noto

Starting as a beauty industry expert, Gloria Noto founded her brand of vegan and organic products called NOTO Botanics in 2016. 

Growing up as a queer woman, Gloria Noto often felt unrepresented in the clean beauty space. She found that there were a good amount of companies who were using natural and organic ingredients, but that there wasn’t enough diversity and inclusion being represented. This realization motivated Gloria to create her brand, which later became NOTO Botanics. 

Since day one, NOTO Botanics has stood out by supporting causes they believe in the most, donating a portion of their profits to organizations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Okra Project. They create consciously sourced products with the intention of genderless multi-use function and sustainable packaging. 

During the pandemic, Gloria has moved out of her NYC apartment with her partner and into a “treehouse” in Mount Washington, where she has plenty of time for her nightly routine consisting of Deep Serum facial massages and Agender Oil moisturizing. 

Hillary Peterson True Botanicals beauty product
courtesy of True Botanicals

 Hillary Peterson

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Hillary Peterson became an advocate for natural beauty products. She learned that what goes on your skin also goes into your body, and vowed to herself to stop applying toxic ingredients to her skin. In her eyes, anything that compromises the safety of the planet and people is a toxin, and her company True Botanicals produces products free of toxins. 

Being in the beauty world, she has found that the bar for human and planet safety to be incredibly low, with the US only having 11 chemicals on their restricted list for cosmetics. With True Botanicals, Hillary decided to have every product be certified by MADE SAFE, which restricts more than 5,000 chemicals. Now that’s a certification I can get behind.  

With the sheer number of organic beauty care companies, it’s sometimes overwhelming to make a decision on which company you’d like to support and trust.  But, if you’re looking to try something new, starting with one of the brands created by these inspiring women is a great place to start. Empowering women never go out of style, and with more time on our hands than usual during the pandemic, you might as well treat yourself to some at-home pampering.