Among the many UK boutique bath salts makers, Sarah Harper’s Clovelly Soap Co’s range is a luxurious blend of Epsom salts and mineral-rich Sea Salts blended with dried petals and pure Aromatherapy essential oils.

At The Clovelly Soap Company, each Kilner jar comes with a wooden scoop, and they offer refills in compostable packaging to allow you to reuse the glass jars over and over again. The magnesium and mineral-rich salts can be used in the bath or as a foot soak after a long day. Each scent combination offers different Aromatherapy properties when inhaled via the steam.  Each bath will be a bit of Devon, although a lot warmer. Includes cedarwood & lemongrass with calendula flowers, rose geranium with rosebud leaves and rosemary, and orange with rosemary leaves.