Not much has changed since the early 1500s in the history of men’s accessories. The love of black and white films, the style of confident men in three-piece suits, influenced this new era in men’s fashion luxury jewelry, that’s how Tie Dips was founded, the perfect classy accessory to embellish the tip of a tie or as a Coat Crown worn on a breast pocket of a man’s suit.
We had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia Carrasco, the mastermind and creator behind this luxury accessory, and here is what she had to share with us:
Patricia, How did it all start for you?

Classy elegance all started for me when a friend from Morocco blessed me with a silk scarf. I was only 15, and the feeling of the silk around my neck made me dream that I am capable of AMAZING things.     
How long were you involved in the men’s fashion industry?
For more than 20 years I was involved in the men’s fashion industry. That time the options for men’s accessories were very limited. I had always believed in the idea that I would transform men’s fashion and create a way for men to Boldly express themselves with Tie Dips or Coat Crowns.
When did the idea come to you of making this perfect accessory for men?
With the birth of my daughter, my life as both a wife and mother as well as working more than 40 hrs a week, had truly taken over every working moment. The idea of Tie Dips came to me one late night when I envisioned the men’s tie adorned with precious metal and any combination of gorgeous stones. We can also design Tie Dips using any precious metals or stone as well. That is limitless.
Bold Elegance with Tie Dips for Men to Boldly Express Themselves
Can you tell us about your collection?
Absolutely, our first Distinctive Styling Collection, made of sterling silver and the most gorgeous of simulated stones captures the eye, an essential and stylish piece that every man will embrace.

Tie Dips
This stunning and elegant new way of accessorizing will put a Bold yet masculine finishing touch to your outfit.