Based in New York, but spread across three continents, Dossier Perfumes is built upon the pillars of transparency, and craftsmanship, providing the belief to customers that they are enough and giving access to premium fragrances to all. Ranging in price from $19-$59 like Tom Ford Lost Cherry at $49, their perfumes are clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, and most importantly provide a high-end perfume that is within reach.

Customers can now say ‘Yes to smelling good. No to overpaying’ as Dossier Perfumes is aiming to change the markup nature of the perfume industry and be a force for good. Whether you are the consumer who feels overlooked by the industry or one that doesn’t feel the need to overpay just due to a celebrity endorsement, Dossier Perfumes makes an affordable cruelty-free sustainable perfume that smells just like your favorite luxury brands. 

In an interview with ShipBob, Dossier’s CEO, Sergio Tache, echoed these statements in stating the company will, “continue making perfumes for the 99% — not just the top 1% like most perfume companies.” He went on to state that he wanted to enable, “people to build a collection of scents they can wear when and how they want without worrying about price.”

Offering no smoke and mirrors, Dossier provides the details on the sourcing of their ingredients and is upfront about our pricing. While some may be turned away by the low-price tag and concerned about its quality, they source the highest-quality perfume sourced from Grasse, France to provide high-end quality perfumes which smell amazing. Furthermore, their vegan and eco-friendly fragrances (which are also Colorant & UV Filter Free as well as Paraben & Phthalate-free) follow strict United States and European Union cosmetic safety recommendations, and any returned perfumes are donated to charity for a fully eco-friendly and ethical sales process.

The company which provides a fair alternative to luxury perfumes with best sellers including Floral Marshmallow, Gourmand White Flowers, Floral Honeysuckle, and Ambery Vanilla, also has a mission to do good for the planet. Sustainability is at the forefront of its decisions and as such, they use 100 percent recycled materials for both their boxes and perfume glasses. 

Dossier’s perfumes are available in women’s, men’s, and unisex scents so that everyone can smell like a luxury. Instead of charging $100-$300 like other luxury brands, their price point makes it possible to provide a fragrance – and a great smelling one at that – for all. They want their customers to feel confident in paying less for premium products, going green, and smell like a dream. 

As such, they offer customers the ability to try and then decide on the perfume that is right for them. Customers can order up to five scents at a time and once picking the scent that best suits them, can simply return any bottles within 30 days, with no questions asked.

There is always a wide range of affordable scents at Dossier, so make sure to visit their website to place your first order risk-free! And best of all, there is free shipping when you purchase three or more items.