2016 is the Year of The Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac and those born into this zodiac sign are said to be curious, agile, sociable and intelligent. What’s not to love about these traits or the monkey for that matter?

Jewelers love to create bejeweled primates and one such designer who has incorporated them into a delightful array of gem-adorned pieces is Paris-based Lydia Courteille.

So, if you like precious monkeys, here are some exciting designs. Lydia embraced the monkey motif and did her collection 10 years ago, using a myriad of stones such as diamonds, tsavorites, sapphires, and opals. “The opal monkeys come with the Garden of Xochimilco.” The opal ring set with tsavorites, sapphires, and diamonds in 18k gold, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, is a joyous piece. The designer loves monkey motifs, as they are easy to use for graphic attitude. Admittedly, we love it too.

The Year of the Monkey bejeweled

Another delightful piece comes in the form of a pair of earrings in 18k black gold adorned with fancy sapphires and tsavorites, while a teeny tiny monkey hangs from a branch clutching a fruit in a circle of radiant fire opals. “It is like vitamin, the color makes you happy and it also has a Pavlovian effect,” says the contemporary jeweler.

Spoilt for choice with our selection of creative designs? Here’s a pair of circular earrings, set in 18k white gold, featuring curious monkeys looking down hungrily at gem-encrusted fruits. Then there are pretty drop earrings with adorable monkeys grasping fruits and bunches of grapes – perfect option to team up with your spring-inspired wardrobe.

These fine jewelry offerings are fun and frivolous – just what you need this year.

Year of the Monkey Jewelry