Spa treatments are legendary to the female half of our world, and The Carlisle Bay Spa offers exactly that, the ability to indulge in several beauty treatments while been pampered. Aesthetic clinics abound that focus on the beauty that is skin deep, while professional beauty salons offer everything from silk eyelash extensions to permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Carlisle Bay spa

I managed to meet John Rogers, the manager, who explained the original suggestion of the resort. I was going to have a feel typical of a Racquets or Country Club. After all, there are nine tennis courts and a specialist shop.

Carlisle Bay Spa

And part of a complex sharing its facilities with this tennis center and gym so fairly basic and perfunctory décor and corridors. More of a clinic than a sanctuary, there are no smells and bells, no candles lit, and no plants. You simply lie supine in the waiting room until your name is up. However, the treatment is as good as I have experienced with the “West Indian ‘Swedish’ Massage,” ranging from the hard remedial corrective to the releasing and unwinding versions.

Antika Products at Carlisle Bay spa

As for the Facials, there’s a ninety minute-long “Exclusive Diamond Experience’ and a “Huff the Puff Eyes” shorter session. Good to see that the “Signature Male Facial” is now on offer.  My face was first steamed to open the pores, then cleansed, then steamed, then cleansed again with lotions to stimulate the blood vessels, bringing me out, or so I felt, in a more youthful glow. And why not! How odd that it’s a part of the body so often under pampered.

Carlisle Bay Spa

There are standard Beauty treatments for the hands and feet, waxing, and hair. Teenagers even are offered a ‘Pedi’ or ‘ mani.’ There are also Body Treatments, including a “honey and Mango’ scrub and a Citrus drench. And here I am beside these therapy rooms. The vegetation and bird-life cling and sing attractively. It’s a spa dedicated to nourishing in unison the body and soul.

Carlisle Bay Spa

And thankfully there are the Rituals. The Lomi Juma Massage Ritual is a fusion of the South Pacific and Mediterranean soothing for the mind and body. At the same time, the “Floral Massage Ritual” is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic principles using warm floral sachets to rid the tension in the muscles, improve circulation and hydrate the skin.

“Back can wait, but not belly” is a well-known Antiguan saying. It was finally time to eat!