Greedilous is a blend between the words Greedy and Fabulous, which, according to Younhee Park, means “a goddess of beauty.” Still, then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a creative mind that dresses and mingles with the likes of Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, and socialite Paris Hilton.

Younhee Park, the mastermind behind one of the coolest brands in Seoul, is a feminist that wants “women to fiercely express themselves” through her “iconically vivid prints and her tailored silhouettes.” Her designs are fun, whimsical, and youthful without losing their glamorous essence. And the strength of her apparel collection comes from her unique ability to identify eccentric prints that work perfectly with every outfit. In fact, as a true maximalist, Park has embraced Robert Venturi’s mantra “less is a bore,” pushing forward designs that are drowning in bold digital prints and intense colors. And despite the frivolity of her prints, Park’s collections are never superficial, tasteless, or unpolished. On the contrary, her sartorial skills and appreciation for the South Korean artisan work are a constant reminder of her creative genius.

Each of her designs is a marvelous art piece that mirrors her creativity and artistic vision. The vibrant colored looks transmit the same joie de vivre as Agatha Ruiz De La Prada’s whimsical designs, and her geometric prints can transform even the dullest personality into a fashion icon. For the 2020 Spring/Summer collection, Park got inspired by the historical figure of
Cleopatra and her extravagant and compelling character. The “Queen of the Nile” remains one of the most fascinating female leaders. Cleopatra was a feminist ahead of her times, who
captured the hearts of Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar not only through her gorgeous looks but also through her astonishing intellect and warfare mastery. Evidently, through the selection of
such powerful muse, Park sends a clear message out, implying that she favors dressing strong-willed, independent modern goddesses. But not every buyer wants Cleopatra’s timeless and iconic look. And for those current customers, Park drops K-pop in the conversation, telling me that the global success of the Korean pop music scene shows that the West is prepared to embrace trends coming from Asia-Pacific. Moreover, she believes that her collection is perfectly adaptable for both the Avantgarde, cosmopolite customers who love K-pop and unique designs, but also for a more traditional audience who enjoys classic outerwear.

As the world remains focused on South Korea and the extraordinary talent getting out of Seoul, it is safe to say that Greedilous will only grow further while remaining faithful to the same
whimsical aesthetic that captured the hearts of her ever-growing international audience.