Global luxury shopping destination has teamed up with British luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter to create a bespoke collection inspired by the iconic marble design of its gift boxes. The opulent marble pattern on the boxes – originally created for by artist Ann Muir – is now brought to life by the brand’s in-house creative team. The signature duck-egg green marble print has provided the creative spark for the classic Centenary suitcase.

“The marbling worked so well with our suitcase designs – we’re so pleased with the result and [it is] great to work on a range of luggage that is truly eye-catching,” said Charlotte Seddon, Designer at Globe-Trotter.


The suitcase comes in a sleek avatar trimmed with tan-brown leather handles, corners, and buckle-fastening straps, while the gold-tone metal hardware adds a touch of luxury. Additionally, the marbled multicolored abstract print has been featured on the lining across the entire collection. Crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail, the new Centenary suitcase is now available on

“We are really excited to partner with Globe-Trotter on this exclusive collection opportunity to offer our customer a luxe travel accessory incorporating our iconic marbling,” said Cassie Smart, Buying Manager at

This exclusive luggage line, starting from £1,250, is bound to win over both business travelers and vacationers.