The new Nehera Collection is inspired by Sara Berman’s Closet exhibited at New York’s Metropolitan Museum in 2017 which showed the closet of an immigrant who traveled from Belarus to Palestine to New York. As in Sara’s wardrobe you can mix and match everything with well, everything because colors lose their primary meaning, they become more subtle, more color-less, thus ending as shades of white.

Nehera’s Resort 22 CollectionThat was the central theme and the designers tried to embrace that philosophy by translating shades of white into colors yet still also keeping the essence of white and off-white. In turn, with this single suitcase closet, the focus is on targeting those who are radical but not overly aggressive. A large part of the collection is built on washed poplins and classic linen. Summer virgin wool and washable cotton suiting are the main and flagships in tailoring, together with linen twill. These are further combined with sustainable materials based on paper and plant: Tyvek and vegetable leather.

Nehera’s Resort 22 Collection

The lead character is the cactus leather used in black. Only the mature leaves are cut out of the plant without damaging the plant itself, enabling repeat harvest every 6-8 months from the same plants. The leaves are dried under the sun with no additional energy or waste.Nehera’s Resort 22 Collection

The prints are inspired by the rays of light vertically passing through fused sheet glass. Another important facet of this collection is to interpret employing clothes, not words, with the act of proper care of the wardrobe turning the simple folding of shirt/dress into a kind of meditation. Nehera Resort 22 focuses on materials, design, ease, and comfort while this Slovak brand also mixes the nuances of white and its many shades in an intriguing form.