Via the aerospace industry and academia, Noema made her way into the fashion industry and carved out her eponymous lifestyle brand, and at the heart of it? Well, for NOEMA, there’s a focus on considered pieces – from design to materials, production to wearability; these are timeless pieces that you’ll love and want to wear over (and over) again. As Noema says, they’re pieces that you can rely on. We catch up with the designer to learn more about her brand.

Ocean Pink and Blue Maxi Dress
Ocean Pink and Blue Maxi Dress

How, when, and why did you get into the industry?
Initially, I was educated as an Aerospace Engineer and continued in academia to the Ph.D. level. As an aerospace engineer, my field of education was mainly the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft and spacecraft. My training gave me in-depth skills and an understanding of aerodynamics, propulsion systems, vehicle dynamics, control, and design. As an aerospace engineer, my skill set is broad and multidisciplinary, and I can contribute to many diverse sectors.

My Ph.D. studied the culture of the engineering profession and how it interacted with gender. The results were very interesting, so I was determined to continue with a post-doctorate and follow a career in academia. However, in 2020 when the pandemic hit, my career path took an unexpected turn.

During the pandemic, I started to design homeware and clothing for myself and my home. I showed my pieces to my friends and neighbors, and to my surprise, they really liked them and asked me to create similar articles for them. Soon my friends enquired and ordered my designs for their Christmas presents. I was shocked, to be honest, but they loved the high-quality fabrics I used to create the designs.

Years ago, a teacher told me, “Every engineer has an artist and an entrepreneur hidden deep inside.” At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but his words always stayed with me. So little did I know how precise his beliefs would be in my case and how much my life has changed since we once had that conversation.

This new journey is about reinvention, new opportunities, freedom, and joy. My friends encouraged me to sell my products online, and this is how one thing led to another, and the journey of NOEMA began.

Mallorca, where I am from, has been the source of my inspiration.

Nerissa Black Blouse
Nerissa Black Blouse

How would you sum up the aesthetic?
Simplicity. The return of simplicity in how we dress and live is the inspiration for NOEMA, a sustainable brand defined by a modern and laid-back design. This concept is expressed in an effortless, timeless, smart wardrobe and reliable living essentials with a taste of Mallorca.

Who is your customer?
Our customers are women between 28 and 55, leading their lives through their occupations and/or family responsibilities. Our customers have strong values like loyalty, kindness, honesty, commitment, and compassion. They are conscious of the environment, which makes them live a responsible lifestyle. They are fashion-conscious women who believe in quality versus quantity and appreciate natural fabrics.

Their lifestyle goes from driving their children to school before work to dinner parties, charity events, fashion shows, conferences, summer holidays, girls’ nights out, professional meetings, etc. Their hobbies are yoga, shopping, reading books and fashion magazines, playing tennis, playing an instrument, and learning a second language. However, they wish for more time. Some of our customers feel guilty because they don’t have the time to go shopping and don’t know how to dress beautifully and comfortably from the beginning of their day to the end. They want to enjoy more quality time with their families and dream of a simpler life. They wish to enjoy simple moments effortlessly.

We are the one brand to go to resolve their problems. We nurture the effortless and simplistic way of living in the Mediterranean ways. Uncomplicated living is our overall inspiration. NOEMA’s simple way of uncomplicated happiness is present in our daily lives, but we often miss it. Beauty and simplicity are possible.

To summarise, we offer simplicity, beauty, comfort, femininity, effortless living, and sustainability. We transport our customers to a calm, effortless, beautiful place with timeless, quality craftsmanship pieces, the less-is-more approach to everyday living.

Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress

What are the cornerstones of your company?
Sustainability, high-quality fabrics, and timeless pieces.

One of the perceptions that eco-friendly fashion is outdated and expensive comes from the lack of information to identify ethical fashion brands. However, as the founder of a sustainable brand, I find it challenging to change people’s consumption habits.

To further grow our sustainable brand in the market, we use social media platforms to inform our customers about our core values, such as eco-friendly, ethical, and local production, recycled fabrics, vegan fabrics, and no waste while offering attractive styles.

As a sustainable brand, we encourage consumers to slow down their closets and to purchase responsibly. We believe in quality versus quantity, high-quality and timeless pieces that can be worn year after year.

On every level, NOEMA seeks to take care of our environment so our customers can feel proud of every product they take home.

Which was the first piece you designed, and how did it come about?
The white Sandy Dress made of linen was my very first design. During lockdown, the possibility of returning to Mallorca was taken away from me. Instead, the only thing I could do was daydream about the sun-drenched beach lifestyle I had growing up. My inspiration was the sand. Its whiteness, asymmetrical and wavy ways encouraged me to draw a laid-back, effortless, asymmetrical white dress. At the time, I envisioned a dress I could wear during the day and night only by changing the footwear.

To my surprise, this dress was well received, so at the time, we also made it in blue with a matching mask. One year after I launched this dress on my website, we still sell it in white and black on my website.

Port White Blouse
Port White Blouse

What is on your current mood board?
Mallorca’s landscape is the inspiration for our new SS24 pieces. The colors of the sea and skyline, the flower blooms, the pattern of leaves, and the whiteness of the sand are examples of mood colors. The calmness of the sea, the subtle wind on the skin, and the fresh smell of being close to the sea inspire the lifestyle our clothes transmit.

Nature’s essence and superior aesthetics tell us everything we need to know. A message embedded with beauty at its purest using the simplest touches of the color nature offers.

The colors of our canvas for the following season highlight the essence of a calm lifestyle and nature. We trust nature and its color combinations, letting beauty be in its purest form.

Tell us about the process.
All the pieces are handcrafted in Ireland with natural fabrics like Irish linen, Irish wool, and Organic bamboo silk at heart. During production, an internal quality control system is applied to ensure that the end products that reach all customers are according to high-standard guidelines.

NOEMA’s main world or beliefs are that we are part of a connected ecosystem extending beyond Mallorca and Ireland’s beautiful coastline. The aim is not only to add effortless style to your life but also to be a guardian for the planet we live on.

NOEMA strives to ensure that every resource used prioritizes sustainable practices. Therefore, production is local and transparent across all aspects. Furthermore, each piece is made by hand, helping to reduce waste, increase efficiency and protect natural resources so that the welfare of people, animals, and the environment is a top priority.

On every level, NOEMA seeks to take care of our planet so our customers can feel proud of every product they take home.

Currently, what is your favorite piece, and how do you wear it?
My favorite piece is the Nerissa Blouse. I have produced this blouse in four colors, white, yellow, purple, and recently black. The voluminous balloon sleeves and wrap-over bodice create a beautiful, flattering figure. I wear these pieces from morning to evening, feeling beautifully dressed and comfortable. It is an effortless piece that makes me feel smartly dressed.

I wear the white or yellow Nerissa blouse with jeans, long boots, or ballerinas. I wear the black Nerissa blouse with shorts and skirts to boost my look and the purple one with white pants to create contrast.