Pret à Couture for 2017 with Parisian Gotal Ryam 

Following a move from Paris to London, Gotal attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins college in London where she studied fashion drawing and honed her fashion skills among the very best. Her beautiful Pret à Couture line combines the very best fabrics with sharp cuts and a strong femininity. With the upcoming launch of her Fall 17 collection, we catch up with the designer to chat about her inspirations for her outstandingly beautiful range…
Gotal Ryam
What was the inspiration behind this collection?
The inspiration behind this collection is my little niece’s princes’ dress. She loves to wear them every time I visit her.  This collection is different from the others because it is a personal ode to a maternal love. I think it reflects the turmoils of a woman with no children who has placed all her fashion hopes in her niece.
Gotal Ryam
What is the color palette and materials?
The color palette is mainly black but we have used some metallic green and silver too.`
The materials are wool, georgette, embroidered floral organza and metallic brocade fabric for a truly luxurious feel and look.
Gotal Ryam
How has the line evolved since your SS collection?
It has evolved naturally. The brand continues to evolve with each new season. We continue to raise the bar in terms of fabric innovation, tailoring and craftsmanship which have become core attributes of the brand.
Gotal Ryam
Tell us about your concept for the campaign shoot?
The concept refers to the ‘Beauty sleeping in the Wood’, this classic fairy tale which involves a beautiful princess. I’ve used the imagery related to the enchanted forest for my latest fall campaign.
Do you have a favorite piece and why?
Yes, it has to be Jeanne; it is a menswear-inspired coat. This black coat is crafted from a luxurious blend of wool and cashmere from Italy. It features an asymmetric lapel detail on an oversized coat. The canary yellow piping adds a unique touch to its aesthetic. I like to feminize men’s wardrobe for a contemporary feel.
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