A pinnacle of style for centuries, the suit stands as the true hallmark of status, prestige, and class. It lends gentlemen all over the world a sense of sophistication and significance that other garments cannot. From ready to wear to custom bespoke, from the fit to the fabric and the way it’s constructed, the seemingly standardized suit can be spun off in a million enticing ways. We give you a round-up of the brands that best deliver this sharp and world-wise ensemble so you can make the best sartorial decisions.

Ermenegildo Zegna suit

Ermenegildo Zegna

For expertly crafted suits using the finest fabrics, Ermenegildo Zegna is a leader in its field. While many luxury brands claim to care about the provenance of their output, Zegna takes that idea to its extreme, setting up initiatives worldwide to improve the quality of its product from start to finish. This Italian luxury brand keeps its suit colors classic and sophisticated, allowing its high-quality fabric to take center stage. With headquarters in the leading fashion capital of Milan, the brand grows its famous wool down in their Australian mils. Zegna has its finger on the pulse of forward-thinking contemporary tastes and trends. It is the definitive go-to destination for the best suit you will ever own, and deserving of its hefty price tag.

Tom Ford suit

Tom Ford

As the former creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford has perfected the art of creating luxury clothing and effectively positioning it on the top of the gentlemen’s product pyramid. Tom Ford is a master when it comes to creating eminent, fashion-forward suits. By the time a suit ends up in a Tom Ford store, more than 500 hands will have touched it. The hands start their work by weaving, bundling, dyeing, knitting, ironing, cutting, sewing, ironing again (and again), picking at it with thistles from the cardoon plant, and examining it with attentive eyes and a tiny needle to fix any problems that these same hands may have left. His slim-cut tuxedos and suits and decadent dinner jackets are available in a range of eye-catching fabrics and styles, are both sophisticated and sleek. From velvet, sharkskin, or fresco mouline wool to satin, leopard print to shining swirls, any Tom Ford design is sure to make a statement. As well as style, this creation presents the ideal match for a pair of designer sunglasses. The suits and their slick appearance pair well with Tom Ford glasses to finish off any high-quality outfit. The Tom Ford TF522 Palmers or Tom Ford TF649 Ryan-02, for example, would complete the luxury look.

Brook Brothers suit

Brook Brothers

Having provided suits to 40 out of the 45 American Presidents and the cast of Mad Men, the Brooks Brothers are seasoned, suit connoisseurs. Additionally, as the United States’ oldest clothing retailer, they are responsible for introducing ready-to-wear suits to American men. Superior materials such as fine tropical wools, Escorial wool, linen, and cotton are crafted in the USA or Italy, available in various modern and classic styles to suit any occasion and personal taste. Experts in tailoring, their designs provide modern twists on historical classics. A Brook Brothers’ creation compliments an array of must-have accessories, including ties. Originating from the 17th century, the outfit addition symbolizes honor and nobility, which goes hand-in-hand with a suit that has a Presidential seal of approval.

Brioni Suit


For men who like their martinis shaken, not stirred, the Brioni suit represents the ultimate in men’s tailoring. The venerable Italian menswear maker is named for an archipelago off the Croatian coast frequented by Europe’s rich and famous in the first decades of the 20th century. Available in exquisitely cut ready-to-wear styles or entirely customized bespoke pieces, these suits exude true luxury. Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni has dressed Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan’s James Bonds, showcasing their collections at the men’s runway shows; with thousands of hours of work put into each suit, these timeless designs epitomize men’s high fashion.

oxxford suit


Oxxford is a high-end men’s suit and sport coat manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. Their expertise lies in superior construction, including the lightest horsehair canvas inner linings and sleeves applied using a distinctive chain-link stitch, instead of the stiff, unyielding tape method preferred by most suit makers, allows for complete ease of movement the minute you slip on the jacket. Widely recognized as the company that outfits executives, politicians, and celebrities. Classic styling has always kept Oxxford suits in pace with the men’s fashion world’s ever-changing trends.

william fioravanti suit

William Fioravanti 

It is arguably the best brand in the men’s clothing industry for its standardized quality and functional fits. Fioravanti is among the elite group of fine tailors who consider bespoke tailoring as a refined art. When you have a good posture, it is pretty easy to pull off any suits. But Fioravanti believes that every man can put forth his best image with a well-fitted suit no matter what his posture looks like. Thus, he innovated the “Power Look” suit.

Stefano Ricci 2019 suit Stefano Ricci

Florence is renowned as one of the world’s leading cities for high art and culture. In this illustrious city, Stefano Ricci’s founder was born, and consequently, his suits carry the same allure. Each piece is a work of art in terms of tailoring. Bringing Italian elegance to the forefront, these suits are for gentlemen aspiring for high-fashion elegance. Each suite is individually cut by hand; plaids and stripes are matched at all seams, even those that aren’t exposed; all coat buttons are made of horn; buttonholes are hand-stitched.

Giorgio Armani Suit

Giorgio Armani

Perhaps the most prolific designer when it comes to tailoring, Giorgio Armani is the man who remade the suit in the 1970s with a fluid drape and soft shoulder line. Made in Italy from a cashmere-wool blend, the suites feature cropped jackets and tapered pants, so it gives you a nice torso-to-legs ratio (which hides “flaws” like a long torso vs. short legs) and an elegant V-shape silhouette. Contemporary designs emblematic of the Armani heritage, the suits have clean lines, and the wool fabric comes in a very subtle Prince of Wales check, with a technical finish, giving it a slight sheen and a classic look.

givenchy suit


Born in one of the fashion capitals- Paris, Givenchy brings all the qualities of classic French elegance to the world of men’s tailoring. Providing chic, structured, and sophisticated suits, Givenchy is never one to shy away from the avant-garde and maximalism. Whether you want a classic colored suit-jacket, mohair or woolen suit, or a tuxedo printed with stars, a Givenchy suit will always make a statement.

Corneliani Suit


Alfredo Corneliani was a forerunner in the Italian menswear sector in the 1930s. The brand likes to fancy itself with custom details that are a sure-fire way to get you noticed by curating new emerging styles with a singularly exclusive made-to-measure experience. The Corneliani man is modern and world-class, well-traveled and cultured –  which they refer to as the C generation. Someone who has an appreciation for excellence and wears it effortlessly.

gucci suit


If you’re seeking a suit in bold colors or a jacquard print, Gucci is your go-to. Looking for a suit jacket featuring bright piping, embroidery, or unique details?  This genius design house and epitome of maximalism under the stewardship of Alessandro Michele amalgamates style with eccentricity. Eclectic, extravagant, and always at the forefront of high fashion, the world’s biggest-selling Italian brand are masters when it comes to tailoring. However, if you’re after something a little more traditional, they also design suits in sleek, classic colors and cuts. As evident from the below image’s visible pocket square, Gucci designs are versatile regarding accessories. The 20th-century designer’s suits complement the use of a formal handkerchief. The stylistic addition has long been popular but has recently come back into fashion, having been utilized by world-renowned names, such as David Beckham and Justin Timberlake. To take the sophistication one step further, at GlassesUSA.com, various spectacles would complement a luxury, fashion-forward suit, including tortoise-colored aviator Gucci frames, gunmetal circular concepts, and much more.

ralph lauren purple label suit

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren is one of the most influential, consistent, and successful designer brands globally, so every collection delivers in quality and taste level with utmost perfection. Garments need to be strong enough to stand on their own and mix and match with other pieces in a collection so that customers don’t have to worry about creating a perfect outfit or look, instead of worrying they can have a rest and visit FastPay Casino. Lauren has captured all of this in Purple Label. Playing on the 1970s leisure suit tradition, Ralph presented a three-piece denim suit as a part of his luxury Purple Label Collection. Hybridizing two classically favored menswear items such as the navy suit and contemporary favorite dark denim, Lauren can suggest the marriage of two very distinct garments. The look tiptoes the line between dressy and casual daring the fashion industry and consumers alike to keep evolving beyond the status quo.

Gieves and Hawkes suits
Gieves and Hawkes

In the 19th century, the house was a prominent outfitter to explorers and adventurers, and Creative Director John Harrison has reimagined this chapter in Gieves’ history for today’s style-conscious man. The label made a name for itself by crafting uniforms for the military – an association that means today the tailoring house possesses all three main Royal Warrants, for HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and HRH The Prince of Wales.

Gianni Campagna suit

Gianni Campagna

Milan is the Italian tailor ship’s true birthplace, and Gianni Campagna comes from a long strain of traditions and heritage. Founded in 1962, after studying under tailor Domenico Caraceni, Gianni founded the brand by creating bespoke suits that revolutionaries craftmanship. The bespoke Campagna suits are crafted in-house from an array of exquisite fabrics like Super 250s and rich wool blends, but much of the suit construction methods remain hush-hush—”family secret. The father-son duo works together to preserve the business’s heritage while mixing history with technology. For instance, Campagna’s signature silk linings, which can now feature digital prints of photographs, patterns, or custom designs, blend tradition with contemporary style to create something truly special and unique.

hermes suits


Suits from this brand are iconic in their simplicity and modern design. Hermes was established in 1837. Hence they have unmatched experience in the realm of luxury and excellence. Their suits are some of the most comfortable and widely sought after by luxury connoisseurs. Boasting a tailored waist and hip (giving you a nice, shapely silhouette), the suit pieces are crafted from high-twist worsted wool yarn, making it crease-resistant. It makes a great go-to for travelers who need to unpack and impress while on the road.

 H. Huntsman and Sons suit

H. Huntsman and Sons

As one of London’s oldest producer of luxury suits, H. Huntsman and Sons have continued their legacy of excellence for generations. The Roaring Twenties saw Huntsman find global notoriety courtesy of a glossy client list. While the royal connection continued thanks to The Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) being a frequent customer during this decade, his playboy reputation attracted a new wave of cool young aristocrats to the tailor’s books. Their clients have ranged from movie stars to royalty, and those who are lucky enough to acquire a bespoke suit from this tailor should consider themselves quite fortunate indeed. All of the company’s tailoring is carried out in-house at 11 Savile Row. The majority of the team served their apprenticeships within Huntsman itself.Alexander Amousi suit

Alexander Amousi

Another novelty, of course, however: If you like things that are ultra-expensive, Alexander Amousi has something up your alley. His one-off creation costs around $21 per stitch, with over 5,000 per suit. Of course, you’ll also find 18-carat gold alongside buttons crafted of diamonds. Alexander Amousi suits are made from two of the most expensive wools in the world: rare vicuna and quick, tailored to individual tastes; their suits represent a timeless style deeply rooted in the brand’s sartorial heritage.

Ascot Chang suits

Ascot Chang

Steering away from when everyone is expected to blend in, Ascot Chang empowers men to feel confident and stand out from the crowd with impeccable pieces tailored to fit their style. Internationally renowned for his exacting attention to workmanship, detail, and fit, Ascot Chang believed that clothing should complement the wearer’s figure, lifestyle, and tastes while maintaining excellence in quality and design. “My customers bring their style to the shirt,” he once explained. “I give the style substance.”

Cifonelli Suit


A secret cut, invented by Arturo, is one of the Cifonelli cornerstones. This cut gave birth to the Cifonelli shoulder, masculine stature, and unrivaled freedom of movement. The cigarette sleeve came out naturally, reflecting the natural position of the arm. Thus, Cifonelli is a brand whose every creation demonstrates a perfect command of forms and materials. It offers the best expression of modern bespoke tailoring and the vision of fine contemporary clothing through its hand-made craftsmanship technique.

Brunello Cucinelli Suit

Brunello Cucinelli

Nicknamed the ‘King of Cashmere,’ Brunello Cucinelli is a man of luxury and refined taste. This sophisticated aesthetic is evident in the high-quality Italian-made suits created for his namesake brand. In addition to looking suave in a classic colored Brunello Cucinelli suit, you can also feel great knowing that this ethical brand donates 20% of its profits to charity.

It is safe to assume that the era of faux-fur coats and platform sneakers has ended, and the revival of Italian luxury, craftsmanship, and the impeccably refined suit is well underway. Hence, every man should own a great suit. Zero exceptions. And armored with the best sartorial picks of the century, you are sure to make heads turn and feel a million dollars (figuratively speaking) wherever you go.