Although it seems to go against all norms of elegance and definition of style, a newly released range of clothing exudes high fashion while celebrating its roots in whisky. The refinement of high-end single malts oozes from every thread. The Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working distillery (established 1763), launched its debut lifestyle, clothing, and accessories collection from its distillery shop in Crieff, and its online store is up and running.

The high-end whisky producer has joined forces with Glasgow-based luxury garment maker Alexander Manufacturing. The home of the original Mackintosh, the manufacturer dates to 1815, when Thomas Hancock patented the process for waterproofing fabric.

The Glenturret Cap Lifestyle Clothing

Using traditional processes going back 175 years, the company continues to be driven by innovation and creates some of the world’s best quality, sustainable garments. Featuring a bespoke tartan created exclusively for The Glenturret by the iconic Lovat Mill in Hawick in the Scottish Borders and listed on the Scottish tartan register, the collection includes trench coats, a weekend bag, a hat, and a picnic blanket.

The Glenturret x AM Manufacturing Lifestyle Clothing Range

The Glenturret X Alexander Manufacturing collection is made at local textile mills specializing in crafting low-carbon footprint materials, repurposed wools, plant-based waxes, and fabrics from tree cellulose and natural cloths. Both companies share this commitment to a circular production model, future-proofing Scottish heritage, and maintaining craftsmanship using highly skilled manufacturing techniques dating back centuries.

Owners, Nadia and Colin
Owners, Nadia and Colin

Colin Hart, Operations Manager at The Glenturret, comments, “Launching this collection is yet another milestone in The Glenturret’s evolution and one for which we are incredibly excited and proud. Our distillery, restaurant, and retail spaces attract a growing number of visitors each year, and we have listened carefully to the feedback from their experience with us – this is what inspired us to create a high-end lifestyle collection embodying The Glenturret brand.” Nadia Alexander, Managing Director of Manufacturing, adds, “There are so many natural synergies between our companies’ DNA – the themes of luxury and exclusivity, with a consciousness for sustainability and creating limited edition pieces. Like a hand-crafted whisky, as much care and attention go into the design, craft, and finish of every single garment made at Alexander Manufacturing. The Glenturret & AM share a prowess for their people, the provenance of our traditional craft, and a passion for bringing people together with their love of luxury.”