London is still the gargling capital of the world. And the place for quality mouth wash and fresh breath.  And has been for almost three hundred years.

Floris,” founded in 1730 by Menorcan Juan Famenias Floris, is the oldest English retailer of toiletries and perfumes.

Its first shop is still in London’s stylish Jermyn Street and contains the 1820 Royal warrant from King George IV, 1863  thank you letter from Florence Nightingale for  “beautiful sweet-smelling nosegays” and a receipt of purchase from Sir Winston Churchill for  “Special No 127” and the 1786 “Stephanotis” cologne (orange blossom, carnation, and lily of the valley ), which are still made. “Floris 89” is Ian Fleming’s James Bond’s favorite splash-on.

Floris Violet Luxury Mouthwash

The company has had over twenty royal warrants. The first was as a maker of smooth-pointed combs for the royal family; A fan was Mary Shelley of “Frankenstein” fame. Her hairbrushes and toothbrushes were made by “Floris.”

A new Floris fragrance was “East Neroli Voyage.” Edward Bodeham married into the family and continued blending fragrances in the shop basement. As well as violet and rose mouthwashes, the company still makes  1927 Celiro, Edwardian Banquet, as well as its latest, “Tuberosa In Silk.” It has also moved into the scented candle market as well as making  Peony and Rose, Hyacinth and Bluebell, English Fern, and Blackberry room spray. In 2017, “71/72”  Eau du Parfum was launched in collaboration with shirt-makers  “Turnbull and Asser” whose shop is just down the street.

Florin’s famous rosewater mouthwash was invented in the 1850s to complimented the company’s toothpaste, “Dragon Roots.” Add six drops to a small glass of water every morning, and your breath will be pleasantly scented for the rest of the day.  Used twice daily at the recommended dosage, 100ml should last you two months.