The famous Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci, has delved into the esports world by collaborating with the British firm, Fnatic.

Fnatic has some of the biggest names in esports on their team, especially in the CSGO market, where they’ve won countless competitions, including IEM Season XII, where they first place. Fnatic is a house-hold name at some of the best CSGO gambling sites which are continually providing odds in tournaments and events they’re competing in.

It started this with the unveiling of a luxury watch that was inspired by the League of Legends team of the Fnatic that takes part in the LEC.

You can only buy the watch on Gucci’s website, and it goes for £1,150. It comes with the Fnatic’s logo on the dial at the 6 o’clock marker, and it is designed with an orange bezel and a black dial. When the announcement was made, it was also stated that the slogan of the game, which is ‘Good Game’ and the initials of Guccio Gucci, were all mirrored in the archival code.

It was at the beginning of the year that Fnatic and Gucci had their first collaboration, and it involved a front-row seat for the League of Legends team clad in Gucci designed clothes at the Milan Fashion Show. At that time, the Partner Development Director for Fnatic, Craig Santicchia, revealed to esports insider that Gucci has always embraced innovation as a brand, and just like the people in Fnatic, they’ve always pushed the boundaries. Both firms have been in the business of charting new possibilities and dislodging the existing norms.

At the beginning of the month, the organizer of the tournament, BLAST, revealed to the world that they are collaborating with Dutch watchmaker TW Steel to unveil two watches that are themed after the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

According to Esports Insider, amongst all the things that Gucci and Fnatic have given to the world, nobody expected them to come up with a watch. They are hoping that the collaboration will bring about more things in the future, instead of Gucci getting in and pulling out after some time. For them, the Fnatic details delivered in the watch are amazing, no matter what.