Fashion is a highly trendy business, which is why Instagram is a social network for fashion frenzies. There is more content about fashion available on blogs as compared to social media. Blogging community uses reverse Image search by Prepostseo to get more detailed content about a trending fashion. It was always a popular topic for blogging.

The popular blogs in online fashion are as powerful as the big fashion names active on Instagram. Many of these fashion bloggers are also available on Instagram.

We have compiled a list of best female fashion bloggers for you. We have also provided links to their blogs and Instagram pages so that you can follow your favorite fashion blogger and stay updated.

Camila Coehlo
photo courtesy of Camila Coehlo

1.  Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho has developed an impressive career in style and fashion through her massive social media success. She is a fashion blogger and belongs to Brazil. She has two separate YouTube channels for English and Portuguese audience. She can speak both of these languages fluently.

She has a great fan following on Instagram, and she is quite popular on other social media platforms too. She has 8.5m followers on Instagram, which depicts her success.
Her Summer Collection in 2019 became very popular in the fashion world. She has also launched her clothing line, “Camila Coelho.”

Chiara Ferragni
photo courtesy of Chiara Ferragni

2.  Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni began her career in 2009 with a blog, Blonde Salad fashion. She is the biggest influencer in the fashion world and belongs to Italy. Chiara is regarded as the world’s best blogger in the fashion industry. She has almost 18m followers on Instagram.

She launched her own Chiara Ferragni Collection in 2013, which is a clothing brand, currently valued at millions of dollars. Most probably, you are already following her. If not, you can visit the below-given links of her blog and Instagram.

Jessica Wang
photo courtesy of NotJessFashion

3.  Not Jess Fashion

Jessica Wang has become a New York fashion design pioneer with a fan base of almost a million. She is an Asian American blogger. Her Not Jess Fashion designs are beautiful, elegant, and satisfying, which is a great combination, and that is the reason behind great fan Instagram following. Jessica Wang is a profoundly influential figure with a great sense of fashion and style.

Brooklyn Blonde
photo courtesy of Helena Glazer Blonde, Brooklyn Blonde

4.  Brooklyn Blonde

Helena Glazer Blonde launched her fashion blog in 2010 by the name of “Brooklyn Blonde.” As the name of the blog suggests, she belongs to Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from FIT fashion school.

Usually, her website shares a video about her day, focusing on her love for fashion as well as beauty products and interior design. Her blog doesn’t only cover fashion space. You will also find posts about motherhood and clothing during pregnancy. Her routine interactions with fans and genuine work made her popular among the followers. She has 464k followers on Instagram.

Susie Lau
photo courtesy of Susie Lau

5.  Style Bubble

Susie Lau started her fashion blog in 2006. Susie is one of the first original fashion bloggers to rise in the fashion industry and always attends the fashion week. To stay updated about her interviews, upcoming designs, and fashion news, follow her Instagram account and blog. She is best known for her creative and vibrant styles. She has earned 479k followers on Instagram to date.

Charlotte Groeneveld blogger of Fashion Guitar
photo courtesy of Charlotte Groeneveld

6.  The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte Groeneveld is a Dutch-born fashion blogger currently based in New York. She is the mother of two children. She started her fashion blog, “The Fashion Guitar,” after working for many other fashion blogs.

Charlotte enjoys working with different fashion brands and has a true sense of fashion business, which we can see in her collaborations with other brands.

You will find several posts in her blog categorized by fashion categories so that you can easily find whatever you are looking for. She has 481k followers on Instagram.

Wendy Nguyen, fashion blogger of Wendy LookBook
photo courtesy of Wendy Nguyen

7. Wendy’s LookBook

Wendy’s LookBook is a fashion blog launched by a fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen with a passion for people, art, culture, and music. She is a content creator, blogger, and advocate for juvenile justice, and she works with a great passion to help children. She loves to wear hats.

She has 1.1m followers on Instagram, which is insane. Take a look at her blog for inspiration.

Gabi Fresh
photo courtesy of Gabi Fresh

8.  Gabi Fresh

Gabi Fresh is one of those women, who broke the barriers and fought with the issues that plus size women are facing. Approximately ten years ago, she began to show and develop a way to promote body positivity while being trendy, vivid, and lively by starting her blog. She has a plus size clothing line Premme. Her clothing line offers very charming and colorful designs. She has a fan following of 741k on Instagram.

Aimee Song is an interior designer based in Los Angeles. When she launched her blog Song of Style in 2008
photo courtesy of Aimee Song

9.  Song of Style

Aimee Song is an interior designer based in Los Angeles. When she launched her blog Song of Style in 2008, she became an Internet sensation. Aimee’s blog is renowned for her creative vision and is a combination of travel, inner motivation, and personal fashion. She has 197k followers on Instagram.

10.  The Mom Edit

The Mom Edit is a blog about fashion, design, food, houses, and lifestyle. It is actually about the life of mothers. It demonstrates the most real-life events involving mothers. As a mother, you need to care about everything at home, including decoration, food, clothing, and many other things.

She provides tips and tricks for daily household matters and also about fashion. She has a fan following of 37k on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

If we dig deep further about the fashion bloggers and celebrities, there will be a long list. We have compiled this list to present to you the fashion bloggers with a creative sense of fashion and more relevant styles on board. We hope you will enjoy this post and don’t forget to come back to the same space to get more updates about fashion, design, and personal styles.