It’s the turn of a new decade so it’s time to give your look a much-needed update. Fortunately for those of us who are not looking for a total style change, you can simply add some luxury pieces to your existing wardrobe. Not sure which ones to get, though? Then allow us to share with you the absolute must-haves in this article, so let’s get started.

Suit Accessories

Being dapper and princely is a classic look that will never run out of style, even at the turn of a new decade—and we believe even the next decades that will follow. What changes, though, are the look of the suit accessories.

  1. Tie. For your tie, we don’t recommend getting one with an obvious logo or emblem, but getting your tie in these luxury brand’s iconic patterns is a stylish way to display your taste. Our favorite is the classic beige and black check with accents of red Burberry pattern in their Manston tie.
  2. Tie Clip. Let’s face it, suits can be pretty boring if you don’t know how to show off your personality. The best way to do that is through your choice of the tie clip. Show that you know how to add that high-end luxury touch to your wardrobe with a delicately etched or patterned piece. Our favorite is the Medusa Tie Clip by Versace. It looks like a work of art in a pin.
  3. Pocket Square. Wearing a tie clip is not the only way to add color and interest to your suit. You can do so with your pocket square as well. We advise choosing one that matches the color palette of your tie, but most of all, 2020 is the year to learn new ways on how to fold your pocket square.
  4. Cuff Links. Have a love for luxury? You have two choices: either go for a plain piece of solid brushed silver or go for a monogram of your favorite high-end brand. Just make sure that your shirt or your tie isn’t monogrammed as well. You don’t want to be “in your face” with it. Remember: the goal is to look refined.

Silver Link Bracelet Black U-boat Chronograph Watch

Upgraded Essentials

Suits are not something you wear every day, so the question is, how would you display your elegance in a casual setting? That’s simple. Just upgrade your essentials.

5.   Eyewear

The latest design trends point out that we’re going to see a lot of futuristic glasses this year. If you find this daunting or, gulp, kitschy to wear, then we’re glad to say that aviators are making a big comeback. So think about the best sunglasses for your face shape.

6.   Watch

Futuristic glasses might be difficult to wear and style with your existing wardrobe, but not watches. Inject the edge of steampunk and luxury with skeleton watches that are going to be more in trend this year.

7.   High-Quality RFID Wallets

Do you know what else is getting more futuristic? Unfortunately, theft. Don’t be a victim of electronic pickpocketing and identity theft by protecting your credit cards and IDs equipped with radio frequency identification chips (or RFIDs) by getting a high-quality RFID wallet with a built-in RFID-blocker.


Finally, an accessories line-up will never be complete without talking about jewelry. There are two pieces that are going to be big this year.

8.   Bracelets

If you’re not a fan of wearing bracelets, then you might want to consider starting in 2020. You can go with a chunky solid metal bangle or a leather wrap-around with a silver, gold, or platinum charm. Here are some tips when wearing bracelets:

  • If you want to stack your bracelets, just choose one arm or wrist to do so.
  • You can stack thin-stripped and beaded bracelets.
  • Don’t stack chunkier bracelets. Just one piece is enough.

9.   Rings

Another piece of jewelry that you are going to see more of this year rings. You can go for either a chunky statement ring or a more subtle band. Just make sure that they match your bracelet if you choose to wear them together.

Brown Sunglasses


If we’re going, to sum up, the luxury accessories trends this year for men into a single statement, it’s this: quality over quantity. Invest in quality items. Go for a few accent pieces like a solid metal bracelet or a delicately engraved tie clip than wearing a bunch of them together. We also encourage you to think more before making any purchase and we’re sure you’ll do great.