For pure cycling aesthetics, Velotron, with its massive flywheel and electronic gear shifting, provides an incomparably smooth and realistic cycling experience, complete with coasting.

Is software available to help track progress as you are training? If so, how does it work?

Performance recording is included in all the Velotron software. The instantaneous and average values of all the variables are recorded (heart rate, power, cycling speed, leg speed, distance travelled, and biomechanical efficiency) and can be displayed as data and in the form of graphs. The data is also transferable electronically to outside parties such as coaches, doctors, performance labs, and etcetera.

Racermate Velotron

Why is cycling such a desirable form of exercise? What are the health benefits? The aesthetic benefits?

Cycling is a superior form of exercise for many reasons.

(a) It can be practiced recreationally and competitively for one’s whole life, unlike many other forms of exercise. For example, a world cycling champion equipped with a pacemaker has set a new world speed record at the age of 80. There is virtually no age limit for recreational cycling outdoors, and literally none for indoor cycling.


(b) Cycling is easy on the body and does not normally lead to overuse injuries such as the knee problems that affect older runners. At the same time cycling is excellent aerobic exercise that can be accurately prescribed to support the heart, lungs, circulatory system, and muscles.

(c) The development explosion in computer software and electronic hardware brings new possibilities for the computer based Velotron, including WiFi and Mobile apps.

(d) The patented SpinScan® feature measures biomechanical efficiency and displays it on a screen where you can learn to cycle more efficiently.

Racermate Velotron

How does the Velotron help professional athletes train?

Velotron provides professional athletes with the ability to precisely duplicate real world cycling racing conditions. Among the entire available indoor bicycle training systems Velotron is the only one that creates true bicycle physics. For that reason it alone duplicates the real-world cycling conditions which provide the correct, optimum training which professionals require and that is immensely beneficial for those wanting to create the ideal training regimen at home.

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