Sinclair, British Brand Tailored for the Modern Woman

What was once akin to a gentlemen’s club, the world of bespoke tailoring is, today, very much an even playing field with more women than ever entering the fold. With a thimble in one hand and a pair of shears in another, one woman in particular, Alicya Sinclair, the designer behind Sinclair London, is making particularly big waves. A luxury brand that has been underground designing and tailoring exclusive bespoke pieces for the world’s important business women.

Savile Row is synonymous with expert tailoring and the finest craftsmanship, and it was on that luxury lane of menswear tailoring in Mayfair that Alicya Sinclair trained. Born in London, she was always fascinated by the meticulously constructed garments created by the likes of Christian Dior, Valentino and Armani, amongst others. With grandparents who were tailors and dressmakers themselves, the birth of Sinclair London was inevitable.

Sinclair London

At the tender age of 16, Alicya Sinclair gained her early experience working in a luxury bridal boutique, where she learnt the importance of cut, fabric and fit for all variations of the female form. Within three years of starting her training, she was promoted to Senior Advisor and Bridal Consultant.

Benefiting from the immense experience of knowledgeable Luxury Bridal Director, Jacquie Hambleton, Alicya went on to work with the legendary Ozwald Boateng in his design department. Having made a great impression, she was invited to be part of his International team in Ghana, where Presidents and celebrities from across the world gathered. Working and fitting suits to the likes of Reverend Jessie Jackson, Jazz musician Herbie Hancock and footballer Michael Essien.Sinclair London

Savile Row beckoned and so Alicya began a pre-bespoke apprenticeship with Savile Row Bespoke, learning the basics in garment construction, pattern cutting and tailoring. To further her skillset, she joined The Savile Row Academy at the renowned Maurice Sedwell tailors under the critical eye of Professor Andrew Ramroop. While there, she personally made garments for top clients, altered a corset for one of Kelly Rowland’s dancers, and even landed a spot as a first-time finalist at the Golden Shears Award 2011, branded as the ‘Oscars of Tailoring’ by GQ Magazine.

From her childhood days of stitching in her parent’s front room, to her current office at number 26 Dover Street in Mayfair, Sinclair London’s garments are famously known for the “Made in UK” label as well as its scarlet red under collar. The Sinclair suit oozes sex appeal and creates elegant tailoring for the modern woman, empowering them through style. With the built-in chest canvas padded by hand and continuously moulded by a steel iron to create a soft structure, any man could run their hands over this suit and feel the natural curves that lie beneath. | For more information, visit