Color, happiness, and love; this is the manifesto of Yulia Yanina. Her proclamation shines through in the YANINA Couture Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. In this new Collection, Yulia captures the contrast between bold and delicate by bringing us vibrant colors and elegant, sleek silhouettes. Each piece showcases a timeless beauty and a confident architectural new twist.

YANINA Couture SS23 Dresses, tunics, and skirts, oh my! Poppies got a bad rap in The Wizard of Oz when the wicked Witch of the West put a spell on them, causing poor Dorothy to fall asleep. Yulia Yanina’s luxurious new Collection renews the hopeful awareness of poppies by awakening your senses with her stunning colors, textures, and shapes, all inspired by this lovely little flower.

YANINA Couture SS23 The poppy is a symbol of beauty and charm, both of which are expressed and eloquently displayed with eye-catching color and design in this spring lineup. The flower boasts notes of bright colors, creating a symphony of enchantment and charm. Yanina uses them perfectly, contrasting light and dark, soft and hard, handsome and feminine.

YANINA Couture SS23 Her use of fabrics evokes an excellent balance of gentleness and passion. The dark velvets give a soft yet intense and almost haunting feel. In contrast, Yanina uses a light, weightless chiffon to portray a more feminine feel. Shiny silks and sophisticated crepes add to the aesthetic and help create diverse parts of the Collection. Yet, these different fabrics combine to form cohesive pieces and a beautiful spring lineup.

YANINA Couture SS23 Poppies influenced the colors in the garments, but also the architecture. The poppy petals inspired layered and blooming sleeves, and the leaves and stems inspired intense green colors. The poppies’ vine-like shapes and the soft velvety texture of the petals encouraged the use of warm velvet fabrics. Each piece uses innovative forms, including curved, snake-like V-necks, layered chiffon dresses, and larger-than-life sleeves.

YANINA Couture SS23 One black gown in the Collection boasts a sensual, curvaceous opening on the bodice that plunges toward the hip through dark black velvet fabric. This gown, teetering dangerously close to brazen, further demonstrates its confidence with attractive blossoming red silk sleeves. This striking dress will turn every eye in the room.

YANINA Couture SS23 A second gown in the lineup focuses on the softer side. It boasts stratums of chiffon in a delicate shade of pink. The petal-like architecture of the dress mimics the alluring layers of a flower, and a gorgeous wave of hand-embroidered dazzling red poppies splashes down from one shoulder to the base of the first stratum. A gown like this will infuse a sensation of royalty in the owner.

YANINA Couture SS23 A third garment in the Collection tells a story of growth and blossoming with a transparent bodysuit showcasing beautiful hand-embroidered bright red poppies and green vine-like stems that create dramatic lines along the bodysuit. To add to the drama of this piece, Yanina has designed a magnificent crimson coat. The coat showcases her exceptional craftsmanship with chiffon, and the train produces beautiful movement. This captivating coat would make anyone swoon.

YANINA Couture SS23 This Collection is intended for the girl who is soft yet daring. This girl is confident and always looking for adventure. She desires to appear flawless with the perfect balance of work and play. She is beautiful, happy, and filled with grace and charisma. She dares to be bold.

YANINA Couture SS23 Yulia Yanina’s desire to celebrate color, happiness, and love came to life in her YANINA Couture Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. Wearing one of her pieces will make any woman bloom with boldness.