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Meet Chef Avin Thaliath, Judge of India’s Top 100 Home Bakers Show

A bronze medalist of Bangalore University in India in 2004 for the Bachelor of Hotel Management degree, Chef Avin Thaliath went on to pursue an MBA in Human Resources. An educationist at...

Pastry chef Nina Tarasova

Renowned pastry chef Nina Tarasova graduated with a distinguished diploma from the Higher Culinary School Alain Ducasse in the city Yssingeaux ENSP (Ecole Nationale Superiere de la Patisserie). Since then she has...

Chef Pâtissier Nicolas Botomisy

"From my childhood in the South of France, I remember my grandmother's pastries, and especially her incredible crème caramel the memory of which I still cherish," says pastry chef Nicolas Botomisy. Very early...

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