Luxury travel lovers can now enjoy the beauty of Central America from an exquisite location in Panama. Tucked away in the Gulf of Chiriquí is a scenic resort set on a 14- island archipelago on the shore of the Pacific Coast, where guests can relish an unforgettable stay.

Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama

The location of the resort is 20 miles from civilization, hidden in a remote archipelago that shares the Islas Secas name with the ultra-luxurious retreat. At first sight, Islas Secas impresses with its savage and tempestuous beauty and pristine tropical nature. Here, travelers won’t find the dazzling architecture and the impressive skyline of Panama City, but the lush tropical scenery from the Blue Lagoon movie (1980). Secluded in this impressive landscape is the resort’s casitas (luxury villas), famous for the interiors and the beautiful decks overlooking the crystal- clear waters of the ocean. It goes without saying that the reclusive island hideaway redefines privacy and relaxation, being tucked away in a natural sanctuary that remained isolated and largely untouched for centuries.

Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama
Snorkeling in Coiba

The casita sites can host up to 18 guests on one of the islands, ensuring heightened privacy and luxury. The eco-friendly villas are equipped with an outdoor deck, plunge pool, and thatched-roof cabana. And the design has luxury safari-style notes, being reminiscent of the exotic decor from the Eat, Pray, Love movie and the beautiful Bali house owned by Felipe (Javier Bardem). Natural elements create a warm feeling without losing the luxurious look, and evidently, the design is eco-friendly and in line with the circular economy.

Casita Tres Palmas, Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama
Casita Tres Palmas

Guests will find in every detail, the passion for sustainability while the resort can win the stamp of approval of the most fervent environmentalist. Islas Secas is a plastic-free island resort, where conservation and recycling are top priorities. The management employs a strict zero-waste policy, the food waste is totally recycled, and the staff reuses wastewater for agricultural and landscape irrigation. Moreover, the resort is using green electricity sourced from sunlight. Obviously, Islas Secas has a long-term approach to sustainability, fostering sustainable production and consumption patterns that respect the most stringent green standards.

Bar Terraza at Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama
Bar Terraza

As mentioned earlier, the Islas Secas resort raises the bar on eco-luxury in the Americas by balancing an environmentally sensitive luxury experience with premier concierge services.

Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama

The bespoke hospitality comes with an exhilarating package of personalized activities, including snorkeling and diving tours in the virgin waters of the Gulf of Chiriquí, island hiking trails, stand-up paddle-boarding and surfing trips, bird-watching exploratory tours, and eco-tours in the Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Adventure Concierge is also equipped to plan a catch and release excursion, where guests can enjoy the company of Outdoor Channel personality Carter Andrews, the director of the Islas Secas fishing program.

Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama

Cuisine lovers will take pleasure in dining at The Terrazza, a restaurant that offers only specially curated meals prepared from fresh, organic ingredients produced on the island. The chefs constantly update the menu, always incorporating the catch-of-the-day and the most recent locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. The Terrazza is the perfect rendezvous place for romantic dinners and starry-eyed sunset dates.

Islas Secas, a luxury resort in Panama

The family-friendly resort also includes a games room stacked with books and board games, perfect for entertaining younger guests or families with children. And if the eco-conscious efforts, intrepid bespoke activities, and fantastic natural design didn’t persuade you yet to book a trip to Islas Secas, the exquisite nature that surrounds the resort is the element that makes this trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The luxuriant tropical forest, the magnificent ocean and beach views, and the crystal- clear waters rich in manta rays and colorful fish are transforming a trip to Islas Secas into the quintessential luxury adventure.