He finally popped the question… “Will you marry me?” and of course, you said yes. Then there was the wedding which cost a fortune.

Just as you thought the stress has ended, here comes the honeymoon.  Although it is every woman’s dream to go to Rome or Paris, it is not always suited for the budget.

“What on earth are we going to do for our honeymoon?”, you may ask. To spare you the pain of thinking of destination ideas, we have listed our top five honeymoons. Don’t worry, they are all budget-friendly!

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Las Vegas is a well-known destination for those wild, unprepared weddings. However, it’s also rated as one of the best honeymoon spots. The rooms, as well as meal fees, are relatively affordable considering the city’s high quality of accommodations and dining.

There are plenty of entertainment options available. One of these options is ‘The Strip’. The Strip is mainly described as a crowded, happy, noisy, yet safe place. Volcanoes will be erupting before your eyes just outside the Mirage Hotel, while original ballet performances take place at Bellagio.

Perhaps you prefer nightlife instead. There are gravity-defying Cirque du Soleil performances as well as top-name stars who free lounge acts all over town.

With this much entertainment, you are most likely going to want to rest after a long day. So where do you stay? You have quite a few options. Have a look at these romantic hotels:

  • SLS Las Vegas: They have the most beautiful rooms in town. You’ll have a comfy bed to sleep in and a massive shower to freshen up. There is also a mirror hanging over the bed and white-leather sofa that lines the entire wall. Once you are rested up you can head over to the Las Vegas Monorail thanks to the easy access.
  • The Cromwell: Quick access to food is available as TV chef Giada de Laurentiis’ restaurant is in this hotel. If you are lucky, Bellagio’s dancing waters may be performing right in your view from your amazing guest room.

Honeymooning in Thailand

Enjoy The Beauty Of Thailand

What is wonderful about this destination is that it is surrounded by beautiful views. A part of Thailand extends down to the Malaysian peninsula. This is between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf.

You are probably wondering about the cost. Well, there are plenty, reputed travel agencies that offer great honeymoon deals. The all-inclusive fee is usually from $ 351.94 upward for 4-5 days. Of course, there are many packages available.

Thailand offers numerous choices of accommodation. It ranges from budget-friendly hotels and local beach cottages that are run by the locals to luxury resorts to quaint bungalows in fishing villages. If you decide to stay at a local beach cottage, you will not only save you money but also be privileged enough to experience the locals’ culture and fantastic hospitality.

“But what is there for us to do?” There is a wide variety of things for you to do such as:

  • Experience Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon
  • Skydiving
  • Try out Thai street food
  • Take a Thai cooking class
  • Climb Bangkok’s Sathorn Unique Tower
  • Take a day trip to Ayutthaya.

Of course, there is so much more you do! Ask the locals. They will be kind enough to advise you on more activities.

Go ‘Glamping’ in the Santa Cruz Mountains

“What the heck is glamping?”  you may ask. Glamping is glamorous camping. You won’t be pitching a tent in the great outdoors and sleeping on the ground, but you also won’t be in a pricey hotel.

Many places offer glamping such as the Adirondacks and Rockies. But, if you anything like me you’ll but fall in love with this treehouse in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

It is available to rent and is located outside Monterey Bay, Calif. What is nice about it is that it has everything you need for a cozy honeymoon. At $138 per night, you most likely can afford to stay for a few days. It is also far away from everything and everyone else. I mean what is more romantic than being in a destination with only you and your lover?

driving to a honeymoon destination

Hit The Road

Who said you need to fly or cruise to your honeymoon? You could hit the road.

Hitting the road for your honeymoon is an awesome way to bond with your newly-wed spouse. You’ll be amazed by what conversations could pop up during the long drive.

Spending your honeymoon on a road trip allows you to be free from strict set plans. You could do whatever you want in the spur of the moment.

It is also budget-friendly because all you need to worry about is gas cost and meals. Of course, you’ll need to consider the accommodation fee if you decide to sleep in a venue. Keep in mind the accommodation does not need to be expensive. It could be an affordable cottage if not a budget-friendly hotel for a night or two.

Pitch Your Tent

If you’re a couple who enjoys the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty then camping may be ideal. Camping is awesome because you could pitch your tent wherever you’d like. It could be as close or far from home as you’d like. It is also affordable and you’ll have plenty to do. Some things you could do is:

  • Play board games.
  • Roast marshmallows on the fire.
  • Have a glass of wine around the fire.
  • Simply cuddle up while looking at the stars.

These are just a few things you could do but remember there’s plenty more.

As seen in this article, budget-friendly honeymoon ideas are endless. With these in mind, you can now enjoy your honeymoon without breaking the bank. Be free and have fun! It is your honeymoon after all.