The closest thing you can get to a real-life movie experience is by visiting the locations that they were filmed in. While the stories and talented actors are the keys to making the destination come to life, remove them and you are left with places that have an otherworldly charm. Here are a few movies with beautiful locations that inspire wanderlust in movie fans:

Monuriki Island Fiji where Cast Away Movie was filmed

Monuriki Island, Fiji – Castaway Movie

Castaway was a movie that focused on a plane crash survivor’s survival on a remote island which happened to be the gorgeous Monuriki. The beautiful location is part of an island group in Fiji and moviegoers will only be provided with a glimpse of its natural beauty.

Even though the island is largely uninhabited, it is not as isolated as it appears on film. It is surrounded by several other equally spectacular islands which tourists can visit as well. You can take day trips to the caves where the movie was filmed and even to the rock which the protagonist used as a lookout. Additionally, you can also go snorkeling in the crystal clear water surrounding the island which also contains colorful coral or just walk along the white sand beaches.

A Christmas Story House movie place

The House, Ohio | A Christmas Story Movie

The classic A Christmas Story is based in Indiana but only diehard fans know that most of the outdoor shots were filmed in Ohio in the Tremont neighborhood. The famous house was bought and renovated by Brian Jones to look exactly like the Parkers’ home in the movie.

The set is open to the public as a museum that contains several props and memorabilia from the movie. This includes a Chinese restaurant that is based just a few blocks from the museum. Even though it is not in the same location as in the movie, the restaurant is still a favorite stopover for fans.

Ghostbusters Firehouse where the film took place
source: Wikipedia

Ghostbusters HQ, New York City | Ghost Busters Movie

Die-hard and casual fans of the Ghostbusters movies do not think their trip to NYC is complete without a visit to the iconic Ghost Busters headquarters. Located in Tribeca, Hook and Ladder Company 8 is a firehouse that served as the main base of operations for the ghost capturing heroes of the movie.

The outside exterior of the firehouse still retains the look that fans recognize and love. The best part is that the place is now a functioning firehouse but that hasn’t stopped movie tourists from getting pictures for their collection. Just remember to get out of the way once the sirens start blaring!

Hobbiton, New Zealand | The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Movie

Hobbiton, New Zealand | The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Movie

New Zealand started to receive tourists in droves after the release of the LOTR trilogy. Fans are still amazed to see the vast and unspoiled nature of the amazing mountain ranges and cliffs that gave a fairytale-like quality to the movies.

However, the main attraction is Hobbiton, the hobbit village which remains undamaged and untouched well after filming wrapped up. This includes the hobbit holes, the special houses that were made to scale to fit the child-sized hobbits. You can find the village in Auckland but don’t forget to visit other LOTR locations such as the Waitomo Caves.

These locations should be on the bucket list of any movie buff who loves to travel. Some of the famous movie locations to visit can leave an indelible mark on you.