Each of the restaurants that offer the best fine dining in San Francisco offers a unique charm and experience. With the sheer number on offer, it can be challenging to pick one that can suit expensive tastes and expectations. Here are the top restaurants that you can try in the city without facing disappointment:

Roka Akor Steakhouse, Sushi and Seafood Restaurant
Roka Akor Steakhouse, Sushi, and Seafood Restaurant. Courtesy of Roka Akor.

Roka Kor

The name of this fine dining establishment, Roka Kor, is a combination of two Japanese words – ‘ro,’ which translates to hearth and ‘ka,’ which means fire or energy. This concept is encapsulated perfectly in the ambiance of the restaurants that promises a comforting and intimate space for diners. Its specialty is a Robata Japanese cuisine, which is cooked on a giant robata grill tableside.

The special grill is the heart of the visual experience as it is heated with mesquite charcoal and used to sear vegetables and meat to perfection. Guests are also encouraged to interact with the chefs and ask them about the food resulting in an immersive and engaging dining experience.

Californios Restaurant, San Francisco
Californios Restaurant, San Francisco. courtesy: Californios


Californios is a Michelin star restaurant that offers decadent Mexican dishes that delight diners with their visual beauty and exquisite taste. The moody low lighting and black walls contrast sharply with the vibrant atmosphere, thus serving as a visual representation of the unique and splurge-worthy food.

Guests are encouraged to sit either at the leather banquet or the bar for a front-row seat to the open kitchen.  The extravagant 16-course tasting menu changes with the seasons and includes exquisite dishes ranging from wagyu steam, churros that are garnished with foie gras, and even decadent lobster tacos. Pair these dishes with your favorite wine or cider for a meal that is fit for the gods.

Benu Restaurant. courtesy Benu
Benu Restaurant. courtesy Benu


Benu is a Michelin star restaurant that also happens to have an AAA Five Diamond rating and for a good reason. The menu is a lively fusion of Chinese and Korean offerings and influences. One of the famed dishes that the chef is renowned for include xiao long bao, which is his version of the 1000-year-old quail egg.

The dining experience at Benu is also unlike any other. The minimalistic design is meant to act as a simple frame for the extravagant dishes so as not to detract from them. Additionally, the wine pairings are recommended via an expert to ensure each meal is experienced to the best effect.

San Francisco Gary Danko Restaurant
San Francisco Gary Danko Restaurant. courtesy Gary Danko

Restaurant Gary Danko

Restaurant Gary Danko has an impressive 12 Five Diamond rating from AAA along with the coveted Relais & Châteaux designation. It has also won the James Beard Award several times, including the Best Chef and Best Service. The Michelin star restaurant offers guests a warm, welcoming space that is intimate and theatrical at the same time.

Filled with exquisite artwork and gorgeous orchids, a meal at this fine dining establishment is an experience that you will remember well after you leave. Even though it offers an old-world dining experience, the menu’s modern offerings are made from fresh and organic ingredients that are sourced from local farms. That is also the reason why the menu changes on a seasonal basis and to ensure guests can enjoy new culinary experiences regularly.

The options that offer the best fine dining in San Francisco are restaurants that promise an unforgettable dining experience and an ambiance that sets the mood way before your order arrives. The choices mentioned above go above and beyond to do just that.