Traveling around Croatia offers a lot of fun, especially with luxurious experiences thrown in. Croatia is a diverse country home to some of the world’s most stunning natural landscapes, fascinating ancient sites and ruins, and magical beaches. If you’re travelling to the country soon, here’s a luxury guide to travelling Croatia.

Why Visit Croatia?

There are many good reasons to visit Croatia for a luxury holiday. It boasts a fantastic climate and enjoys over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year, making it a year-round destination. Here are more reasons to visit Croatia.

  • Stunning coastline – Croatia’s coast is stunningly beautiful, home to gorgeous beaches that offer the perfect setting for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. 
  • Fascinating historical sites – you’ll find some of the best-preserved ancient ruins in Croatia, from the Diocletian’s Palace in Split to the Amphitheatre in Pula.
  • Beautiful cities – another reason to visit Croatia is to discover its beautiful cities like Zadar and Dubrovnik, which are famous for their historic city centers. Dubrovnik’s Old Town is even one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Amazing islands – Croatia is home to over a thousand islands, each having a unique charm. Nature lovers will love Plavnik and Susac, while those who love wildlife should head to Losinj, a popular spot for dolphin watching.
  • Incredible nature – another thing to love about Croatia is its breathtaking natural scenery. For instance, Plitvice National Park is one of Europe’s most beautiful nature parks, home to numerous tranquil lakes, stunning waterfalls, and scenic hiking trails taking you from north to south. If you love hiking and exploring the great outdoors, you should visit Croatia.

Where to Stay in Croatia? 

There are plenty of luxury villa rentals in Croatia spread across many different islands, so you will have no problem looking for a luxurious place to stay. For instance, if you’re heading to Dubrovnik, you’ll find beautiful villa rentals close to the Old Town. You can stay at an authentic stone villa with rooftop terraces that opens to breathtaking ocean views. 

If you’re heading to Split, Bacvice would be an ideal base if you want to spend your days lounging at the beach. You’ll find many gorgeous villa rentals in Bacvice that offer easy access to the beach. If you want to be near the Diocletian’s Palace, you can stay at one of the villa rentals in the Old Town.

Beautiful wooden path in Plitvice Lake, Croatia
Beautiful wooden path in Plitvice Lake, Croatia

The Best Sightseeing Spots in Croatia 

With so many beautiful places to see in Croatia, planning your itinerary can be daunting. Here are some of the best sightseeing spots in Croatia to give you an idea of where to go.

  • Dubrovnik Old Town – no trip to Croatia is complete without exploring the beautiful Old Town in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by medieval defensive walls.
  • Diocletian’s Palace – another must-visit in Croatia is the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a massive palace complex built in the 4th Century AD for Roman emperor Diocletian.
  • Hvar Town – Hvar is famous for its bustling nightlife scene. It’s also a fun place to explore, with its hilltop fortress, 16th-century cathedral, and charming harbor.
  • Pula’s Roman Arena – straddling the coast of the Adriatic, the historic island of Pula is another exciting place for sightseeing in Croatia, especially for those who love history. It’s home to the Pula Arena, one of the largest surviving Roman amphitheaters.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park – those who love to explore Croatia’s stunning natural landscapes should head to Plitvice Lakes National Park. The gorgeous park is home to numerous emerald-blue lakes and thundering waterfalls. Hike its network of trails that passes along wooden bridges.
  • Mljet National Park – another beautiful park in Croatia is Mljet, a lush woodland with tranquil saltwater lakes. A haven for nature lovers, the park offers plenty of fun outdoor adventures, including hiking the numerous trails running across the lush woodland.
  • Korcula Town – surrounded by medieval walls and towers, the lovely town of Korcula is a fun place to explore on foot, where you’ll come across centuries-old stone buildings constructed during the Venetian rule.

How to Explore Croatia 

Cruising is the best way to explore Croatia’s many different islands. There are many great small ship cruises in Croatia to take you to some of the most beautiful places around the country, a great way to see many islands and cities in one trip. Not only does it allow you to explore many places, but you will also discover lesser-known attractions and hidden gems.

You will wake up to new attractions and different excursions every day. Depending on the cruise, you can enjoy activities like cycling in the lavender fields of Hvar, exploring the vineyard slopes of Peljesac, and swimming at secluded bays and coves.

You can tailor some of the Croatian cruises to suit your needs. If you’re an adventurous traveler keen to explore, you can include hiking or cycling. Meanwhile, older couples seeking relaxation can choose something where they spend most of their days relaxing at the beach.

Beaches in Croatia The Best Beaches in Croatia 

There are so many beautiful beaches in Croatia spread across different islands. Here are some of the best ones.

  • Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac – also called the “Golden Horn,” Zlatni Rat is one of Croatia’s most popular beaches. The gorgeous sandy beach is on the island of Brac, recognized for its unique giant horn shape.
  • Dubovica Beach, Hvar – Dubovica is a lovely bay located south of Hvar. It’s somewhat remote and is a perfect spot for those who want to relax away from the tourist crowd. You’ll love the relaxing vibe of the place and the incredible natural surroundings.
  • Hawaii Beach, Pula – on the island of Pula, you’ll find Hawaii beach, a unique and beautiful beach surrounded by spectacular rock formations and lush pine trees. Its clear turquoise waters make it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Pupnatska Luka Beach, Korcula – Pupnatska Luka is a gorgeous bay on Korcula, surrounded by dense pine forests offering shade for those who want to relax on the sand. With fine pebble sand and a beautiful atmosphere, Pupnatska Luka is an ideal spot to relax away from the bustling town.