You can tell a lot about a man just by looking at his shoes. The casual gentleman may prefer high-end sneakers that can withstand wear and look stylish, while the classy gentleman will purchase a gorgeous pair of handmade dress shoes. Irrespective of which category you belong to, you will fall in love with these designer shoes for men and the brands that offer them:

Amadeo Testoni Antiqued Leather Oxfords, designer leather shoes

Amadeo Testoni Antiqued Leather Oxfords

Considered to be Italy’s most recognized cobblers, Amadeo Testoni offers shoe connoisseurs sleek and elegant designer options that look amazing with tailored suits. The silhouette of the leather Oxfords is mindboggling, and, despite their high-end design, the shoes are incredibly flexible, thus ensuring wearers can walk in comfort and with confidence.

Gucci Princetown Crocodile Slipper with Double G, leather designer shoes

Gucci Princetown Crocodile Slipper with Double G

Just because you are home doesn’t mean you should abandon your style. These designers Gucci slippers add a touch of elegance with their fur lining, and premium leather make. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Gucci slipper without the iconic double-G icon, which serves as the cherry on top of a truly magnificent pair of slippers.

Oxford designer leather shoes for men


The classic Oxford doesn’t need an introduction. The shoes are instantly recognizable by the closed-lace system and the unique placement of the eyelets. These are located in the quarters, i.e., the part of the uppers that goes around the heel and right to the vamp. This unique construction makes the Oxford designer shoes for men snug and streamlined, giving them a formal appearance.

Carmina Black Double Mon Straps, designer leather shoes for men

Double Monk

The Double Monk is a unique option for shoe purists because, unlike other vintage shoes, these are fastened with leather straps rather than laces. The Double Monk has two leather straps that allow a better fit, especially for narrow and elegant feet. That is the only difference between a Double and Single Monk. These shoes are favorites with traditionalists who prefer vintage shoes that have a timeless quality.

Filling moda jet runner shoes, designer leather men shoes

Filling Pieces

The high-end sneaker label Filling Pieces is known for producing high-end hiking mid-tops and speed hooks. However, the designer Guillaume Philibert is also known for creating high-tongued styles that have a unique appeal. The luxury sneakers boast laser-etched uppers alongside contrasting materials such as quilted leather.

Y3 leather men shoes


Leading the designer sports fashion industry is Y3, the brainchild of Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. The unique silhouette of these designer sneakers is due to the designer’s dystopian ethos that has made him an icon in futuristic fashion staples. Merging sporty with forward-thinking innovations, Yamamoto appeals to modern trends.

Whether you prefer to wear formal designer shoes for men or high-end sneakers that make a style statement, these brands won’t disappoint.