This stunning hyperbike is called ‘Aeolian’ and is named after Aeolus, the Greek god of wind. This is an electric hyperbike and the styling sure takes motorcycle design to a new level in terms of combining sharp lines over an EV canvas. The bike is designed as a racing-inspired hyperbike with the riding position designed to mimic that of a Moto GP rider. You sit low and lean forward in a crouched tiger position. The edgy looks are influenced by an amalgamation of Italian superbikes like the MV Agusta and Ducati’s to Suzuki nakeds. Designer Prathmesh Banubakde has applied a dash of futuristic detailing to the sensuous lines. The headlamp design looks sci-fi with being a complicated unit consisting of, what looks like to be, four headlamp modules flanked by a LED outer edge. Elsewhere, you can see those aerodynamics are also thought off in terms of the design philosophy. The rider display is a big enough screen with all info like drive modes, settings, or various other features.

fresh aeolian electric moto gp hyperbike appeals with tried and tested design

 One crucial element of the Aeolian is that despite its electric hyperbike origins, the design clearly adheres to the standard superbike template of alluring proportions but within a conventional rulebook. The rider’s legs for example sit between a large battery pack and the sculpted fuel tank is not obvious but a luggage compartment. The motor and transmission are placed alongside the battery pack with the drivetrain positioned at the back. There is also a radiator, CPU, and alternator. For the bike’s performance and handling, the battery pack location is very important as with any electric car/bike, that’s the heaviest component. Like the strip of LED lighting, exotic materials would be showered on the bike at the same level as seen with hypercars. Electric components add weight while materials like carbon fiber offset that with their lightness. This rather interesting rendering shows the future of superbikes or even being a ‘hyperbike’ with fast performance coupled with zero emissions via a stunning exterior look.

Aeolian Electric hyperbike