French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle was 15 years old when he watched The Spy Who Loved Me at a cinema in Marseille. “I was drawn to the story of this man who gives up everything to live under the sea and builds this octopus-shaped space that’s in contact with flora and fauna of the ocean,” says Ducancelle. At the end of the film, where the lead characters are seen in an extraordinary floating saucer — well, that all began the start of the Anthenea! 

Anthénea resort

Anthénea is the world’s first floating hotel suite, a breath of fresh air into the eco-travel industry with a multi-sensory experience aimed at owners and hoteliers for travelers looking to reconnect with nature and explore the seas in luxurious style. The luxury pod is solar-powered and self-sufficient and can adapt to any waterbody in any climate. Its futuristic-looking watercraft designed and manufacturing in France by veteran designers, engineers, and naval architects is a product of a vision to create an eco-responsible and nomadic vessel for eco-tourists.

Anthénea resort

There are thousands of natural sites on the planet that have remained inaccessible due to their remoteness and the difficulty of staying there for a long time. Anthenea allows you to settle there over time, whether on land or water. If you are a fan of the James Bond franchise, Anthenea is capable of transporting you to the world of Bond through many elements!

Anthénea resort

The future of tourism

The post-pandemic world is experimental and intriguing. Being one of the worst-hit sectors, hospitality has found its way out. With a rise in travelers who want to be connected to nature or want to seek the experience of well-being, to be pampered, to feel privileged recently have been searching for ways they can indulge in their experiences while being safe. Having said that, today’s traveler also wants to be entertained and stimulated. A secluded sanctuary in the most wanderlust places while ensuring safety and COVID friendly place brings a concept like Anthenea to the forefront. “News trends mean new traveling expérience. Travelers are looking for: Exclusivity – the customer is always looking further away from places where he will feel unique Confidentiality, the increase in demand for resorts away from the world. These trends are surrounded by one main condition: being in a safe place and naturally preserving social distance. Anthenea is a COVID-friendly place. This is extremely important nowadays.” said Alexandre Volland, Business Developer – USA | Bahamas | Caribbean

The Design

It took several prototypes and over 10 years to perfect the 50m2 luxury, eco-friendly pod viable for commercial sale. “Initially, Anthenea was only meant for the hotelier and hospitality industry, but Ducancelle wanted to be able to share his vision of sustainable living with more people. While the villainous Stromberg took his love of the sea and hopes for humanity to the extreme, Ducanelle wants to be more persuasive — using a floating living room with 360-degree views of the ocean to help foster an appreciation for the planet.” Explains Mr. Volland.

Anthénea resort
Photo courtesy of Yann Richard photographer

Anthénea is autonomous, self-sufficient, and ecological. Made of fiberglass, and features a glass bottom that allows for admiring the underwater view. It adapts to any waterbody in any climate. Its domed shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays and blend seamlessly into the environment, while its central well serves as an undersea observatory and natural air conditioning system. Optional features include a desalination system and wood-burning stove and can be installed anywhere with zero environmental impact.

Inside, the Anthenea has three living spaces. The ‘living room’ is equipped with a sofa, a minibar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete, and a 3m underwater window. Ducancelle based the living room of the Anthenea on the interior of the escape pod that Bond uses in The Spy Who Loved Me by incorporating the cocoon-shaped sofa. For the background, the designer collaborated with creator Antti Lovag on the Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace) in Théoule-Sur-Mer near Cannes to expand on his design for the Anthenea. The ‘bedroom’ has a circular bed and bathtub that uses fresh or seawater. The relaxation area has a 360° solarium on its roof-top that fits 12 people. Everything inside is entirely made from sustainable materials.


Anthenea and environment

Our carbon footprint has been a growing concern, and the pandemic has only made the case worse. However, Anthénea is one solution to prove that we can live in a minimal space while maximizing comfort. Equipped with silent electric motors in the proprietary version, the floating suite is solar-powered and can stay afloat indefinitely, thanks to five south-facing solar panels and two electric propulsion pods. This pod can be piloted by anyone in any environment, and it’s also more stable than a boat and can appear, depending on where it’s docked, resist a cyclone.

Pricing starts at 535,000 Dollars. Anthénea allows the traveler to discover unsuspected territories and live unexplored experiences while unfolding the intimate thread: the link with nature and with oneself!