Far removed from the bright lights of her Hollywood stardom, Catherine Zeta-Jones is happiest at home, with her husband, Michael Douglas, of 20 years, their two children, and adorable dogs while sporting a pair of her stylish Butterfly Twists. Upscale Living magazine asked her about her venture Casa Zeta-Jones and living her best life at the age of 51.

Catherine, you were born in Swansea, Wales. What are your fondest memories of your formative years?
We were and are a very tight-knit family. I remember dinners every night at the dining room table, where we would talk about what happened during the day. We are all musical in my family, so we would sing every chance we had at family parties or during the holidays.

You and Michael (Douglas) celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss in November 2020.Congratulations! What is your secret to the longevity of your marriage?
Thank you, we’re very excited about this milestone in our marriage. Always be kind and respectful to one another. Keep a good sense of humor, make each other laugh. Separate bathrooms are a must!

Your children, Dylan and Carys, seem to not only have inherited your and Michael’s amazing genes but are individuals any parent can be proud of. What are the most important lessons you have taught them to be well-rounded members of society?
We are big on manners in our house. There are no phones at the table. Please, and thank you always. It starts there. Be interested in other people and ask questions about them and what they are doing. The more you know about others, the more well-rounded you are. No procrastinating; if you say you’ll do something, do it. My children are truly great citizens of the world.

Your four-legged children are so cute! How is Taylor Douglas adapting to being the youngest member of the family?
Taylor has brought so much joy to our home; it’s amazing. We’ve always had dogs, and they are members of our family. He’s mischievous but so sweet. We adore him!

You seem to enjoy traveling. Which destinations have left a lasting impression?
Our trip to Israel was truly a life-changing experience. And we have fallen in love with India and have now gone three times.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in her car

And then COVID-19 struck in 2020. How have you dealt with the pandemic and keeping everyone safe and healthy?
We follow the protocols of what doctors and scientists say about staying safe. We watch the news but not so much that it overwhelms us—exercise, fresh air, and eating healthy.

How do you stay in such incredible shape?
Exercise, fresh air, and eating healthy! I mix up my exercise routine with swimming, the treadmill, dancing, lightweights. I start the day with yogurt or oatmeal and fresh berries. I love fish and salad. Eating right and staying active has always been part of my lifestyle.

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Yes!  I love savory, salty foods, but a piece of chocolate cake, I don’t think I’d ever say no to that.

You have the most beautiful skin. What is your skincare routine?
I drink loads of water. Hydration does great things for your skin from the inside out. I also make sure to take all my makeup off every night. I moisturize and do a mask every week or so.

When did you start your Casa Zeta-Jones brand, and why?
I started it about two years ago. I have always loved home decorating. My friends would say, “Can you please come over? What can I do with this room?” If I hadn’t gone into acting, I would have been an interior designer for sure.

Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoying relaxing time

You have expanded into footwear. What was behind the idea for your beautiful Butterfly Twist shoes, of which the collection is entirely vegan?
Yes, after my homewares line, I wanted to expand into apparel. So why not start with the feet? I was introduced to Butterfly Twists when I was at the airport and developed a blister, so I bought a pair at their shop, and I was SOLD! Comfortable and beautiful and perfect for navigating an airport or long walks through town. I knew they would be great partners to execute my ideas. And the shoes are great on the cobblestoned streets of Europe.

Do you have favorite pairs for specific occasions – casual, dressing up, glamorous events, etc.?
I do. I love shoes and have all types. In my everyday life, I spend most of my time in flats, but a beautiful sky-high heel is essential for a red carpet. I have some shoes that I think are too beautiful to wear, so I keep them on display and use them as bookends.

Catherine Zeta-Jones makeup

Tell us about your make-up brand.
I’m obsessed with makeup. Love everything about it, always have. I wanted to first create a mascara and eyeliner that would accentuate the eyes. I wanted it to be easy to work with and stay in place. Little did I know how important that would be with everyone wearing masks; all we see right now are the eyes.

Are there exciting projects on the horizon for you?
Right now, with everything going on, things are on hold, but I am working on a few things. I have more coming out from Casa Zeta-Jones, which I’m very excited about – so stand by!