Nestled in the heart of the Spanish capital lies an award-winning architectural practice that prides itself on defining a modern interior and exterior design. Madrid epitomizes traditional and modern architecture’s juxtaposition, with revered iconic buildings such as the Royal Palace of Madrid and Casa de Los Lujanes standing alongside modern sky-scraping landmarks. Born out of this diverse tapestry of design, Marta González Architects has carved a reputation in creating emotive, modern buildings. This captured the eye of The Luxury Lifestyle Awards team who awarded the practice as The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Spain.

Paniza House designed by Marta González Architects
Paniza House

Following her graduation from the University of Navarra and internship with a firm in Pamplona, founder Marta González Alonso used her superior technical architecture expertise to start her own practice in Madrid in 2003. An ongoing desire to stay ahead of developments within the architectural and design world has helped the practice evolve and defined its principle ethos of creating an impressive foundation in modern and contemporary architecture. The practice has grown to include the skills and art of 12 design professionals, five of which are architects, a civil engineer, an industrial engineer, and three technical architects. This strong collaboration of professionals means that clients can draw on multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, whatever the size or complexity of the project.

Calleja house designed by Marta González Architects
Calleja House

Marta González Architects abides by a true focus on each clients’ design brief while recognizing a definitive need for an emotional architecture that engages with the end-user. Understated luxury is created using clean lines, and carefully choreographed materials emphasize both vertical and horizontal forms. This signature style can be seen clearly in practice in both current and previous projects. Not limited to residential, Marta González Architects has worked on outstanding projects from commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors and provides an impressive interior design portfolio.

Monteclaro house designed by Marta González Architects
Monteclaro House

The challenges set for the team when creating a visually engaging and practical commercial space for Paniza Wineries highlight their understanding of creating user-interactive space. Located in Zaragoza, Paniza Wineries required a mixed-use area used by both visitors and staff. Backlit racking helped expose the vertically displayed bottles in a modern version of a cellar within the retail and tasting areas. Tasting areas were created using organic inspired seating and tabletops. Behind the scenes, office spaces use glazed walls enabling end-users to remain connected with the commercial space around them. This use of glass also helped maximize light while creating quiet areas for office staff. A predominantly white scheme with contrasting black accents created monochromatic interest, while geometric sculptures in hallways provide aesthetic highlights that break up the building’s linear forms. Again, vertical and horizontal forms were depicted in contrasting materials resulting in a contemporary and tactile space.

Garcia house designed by Marta González Architects
Garcia House

Current projects include a 1500m2 hotel project for Hotel Alcalá Bestprice, a double-height lobby area with bold vertical accents that complement the hospitality brands’ focus on the contemporary, modern traveler. Alongside this project are a further four high-end luxury residential projects. Mirabal House, Talo House, Hus House, and Peguerinos House. Talos House is the largest with an impressive 700 m2 space incorporating living spaces and a luxury pool area. This detached house heralds the design practices linear signature, which is then defined by water boundaries. This balance of material with natural elements helps engage the end-user with the outside world while providing the opulence expected at a luxury residential level.

Boadilla house designed by Marta González Architects
Boadilla House

The Marta González Architectural team’s ongoing commitment to seeing them continue to stay ahead of best practices and the latest technology. This allows the team to design buildings and interiors that are aesthetic and provide efficient use of materials and resources to minimize their environmental impact. This very thirst for knowledge is another defining principle that founder Marta González has used throughout her career.

Sanchez house designed by Marta González Architects
Sanchez House

The abundance of influence on modern architecture and a clear understanding of how good, luxury design can affect the end-user clearly marked Marta González Architects as a defining practice with an ongoing influence within the Spanish design scene.

Robles house designed by Marta González Architects
Robles House

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