Inspired by Forrest Gump and Freddie Mercury, the megayacht concept: Project FG “Freddie Gump,” Dutch shipyard Feadship just launched their latest megayacht concept. The 109-meter superyacht, which was initially designed for an imaginary client, exudes rockstar level partying with down-to-earth innovative design.

Although one may think, flamboyant and outlandish mega-pop star Freddie Mercury and fictional recluse Forrest Gump is an odd combination for inspiration, the Feadship design team, in partnership with Studio De Voogt, display a masterpiece.

Feadship FG Concept Megayacht

The stunning megayacht can host more than 300 people (more later) on its outdoor beach club and sleep, 22 guests. At the heart of the luxurious vessel is the panoramic piano lounge on the upper deck, which presents the perfect spot to relax and take in the sunrise or sunset. On the aft deck, the outdoor beach club – which is four times larger than Feadship designed “Savannah” – creates an atmosphere reminiscent of Mercury’s extravagant and lavish parties.

Two other distinct design features are the pop-up table tennis (for those who need a reminder of the scene where Tom Hanks utters “For some reason, ping-pong came very natural to me…so I started playing it all the time.”) enclosure at the tip of the bow and a hidden club located in the bow of the yacht. With a push of a button, a table tennis court pops up with a glass tube surrounding the players so that a heated battle can take place on the high seas without any interruptions from the wind. Catering to rockstars, the hidden club is where the true VIPs go to enjoy the festivities. Its exclusivity is highlighted by a hidden door past an engine in the superyacht’s belly, as guests are not given directions to said room.

Exploration-Room-piano, Feadship FG Concept Megayacht

Its wildly elegant design is also reminiscent of the tinted glasses Mercury would wear, with an exterior of golden orange glass alongside a sleek white hull.

 Feadship FG Concept Megayacht