It makes sense that French jewelry house DAVIDOR should establish its first US brick and mortar boutique in Miami Beach’s iconic Bal Harbour Shops. After all, luxury begets luxury, not to mention that DAVIDOR founder David Gusky is a Miami native who believes strongly in the local market. “Bal Harbour felt like a natural fit for DAVIDOR as it is one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the US and has unique elements of natural beauty throughout the outdoor shopping experience,” said Gusky, whose passion for fine jewelry was ignited at an early age; his family has a history of high-end jewelry manufacture and distribution. His DAVIDOR designs are the result of personal experiences and points of inspiration, mostly from his travels throughout the world. “The DAVIDOR DNA is strongly rooted in my personal connection with what inspires me.” Currently operating out of an opulent pop-up that features both Parisian and Miami-Esque design aspects, the soon-to-open DAVIDOR flagship boutique will provide a truly transportive Parisian experience. The well-traveled Gusky tells us more:

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM, 18k Rose Gold with Lacquered Ceramic and Palais Diamonds and a beautiful L'Arc de Davidor Pendant PM, 18k Rose Gold with Satin Finish

What is Davidor’s most iconic piece or design?
DAVIDOR is most well-known for our iconic, bold, signature, L’Arc de DAVIDOR collection featuring the repetitive arch pattern. The collection highlights our true savoir-faire of metalwork (18k gold), lacquered ceramic (16 unique colors), and diamond setting (4 patterns). Creating L’Arc de DAVIDOR and bringing it to life took three years of design and development.

Davidor L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

Can you explain your process?
The design phase begins with an idea, point of inspiration, a first sketch or “croquis” and then slowly comes to life through numerous iterations into a hand-created gouache and then to a wax model. At that point, we validate the design, its size, scale, and how it translates into a piece of jewelry.

Davidor L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

What are your greatest inspirations when designing a piece or a new line?
The majority of my inspiration comes from French and Italian architecture.  I love to tell the story of what you see when you look through the Arch….the flora, the fauna, the scenery from different perspectives.

L'Arc Voyage Charm PM

What do you love most about what you do?
I love having the ability to create and work in a medium that permits us to tell stories and articulate an inspiration both literally and abstractly.

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

Please describe the qualities of the classic DAVIDOR customer?
DAVIDOR’s clientele is a woman/man who is passionate about quality and purchases from true love for the piece. They love that they are buying something unique, handcrafted, and serial numbered. Our pieces are all handmade in our Paris atelier and this speaks to our clients. We have a growing male clientele, but we remain a more female self-purchase brand.  Our male clients are growing daily which is very exciting to see.

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

How does it feel when you are out and about, traveling the world, and you spot one of your pieces on a stranger?
I am always extremely excited and proud to see a DAVIDOR piece “in the wild” on our clients. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people enjoy what they have purchased from the brand.

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MML'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

Do you wear your own items? What are some of your favorites?
I personally wear the L’Arc de DAVIDOR Bangle PM, 18k Yellow Gold with Neige Lacquered Ceramic, and two L’Arc Voyage Charm PM, 18k Rose Gold on Anemone and Mykonos Blue Silk Cord.

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

Why is jewelry important to a cultured lifestyle? What does a beautiful piece of jewelry convey about the wearer?
I think jewelry is absolutely a form of art and because of that, it impacts culture. Jewelry tells a lot about the person wearing it, their tastes, interests, passions, and inspirations.

Do you view your pieces as an heirloom?
I do believe DAVIDOR pieces are multigenerational.

L'Arc de Davidor Bangle MM

Besides Florida, where do you spend a great deal of your time, and what are some of your favorite places in the world and why?
Pre COVID, most of my time was spent in Paris and other European spots. I love Paris as a home base and the ability to travel to small towns throughout Europe, to taste the incredible foods, and to see the beautiful heritage and architecture. I have been fortunate to travel throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America and each place offer something unique that I admire.

Davidor's L'Arc Voyage Charm PM

What are some of your favorite spots in Bal Harbour?
Bal Harbour is a special place filled with natural beauty, the finest shopping, and some exceptional restaurants. Personally, I love sushi so I am partial to Makoto, but Hillstone is a daily lunch spot and never disappoints.

In addition to the Bal Harbour Shops location at 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL, DAVIDOR jewelry can be found in stores such as Betteridge Jewelers in Aspen, Greenwich, Palm Beach, and Vail, Bergdorf Goodman’s Precious Jewelry Salon, New York City, and Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton and Palm Beach Gardens, as well as online at

Photos courtesy of DAVIDOR

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