Every home tells a story. And, if your story is leaning towards wooden, outdoor, and earth-like elements, all while balancing out what a modern house entails, then that means you’re up for the perfect marriage of both: a modern rustic home. Yes, such a thing actually exists, as design trends have made it possible now to have that perfect balance of old and new, modern and natural. In order to make your vision a reality, you must be willing to spend for it. You can reach out to trustworthy lending platforms such as GetCash that would allow you to apply for a quick loan up to $5000. Once you fill out a simple form, you are matched to vetted lenders who will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

In fact, the modern rustic home may easily be one of the most sought-after design components for homes. From small elements to bigger design facets, you’ll never run out of opportunities to make this look come true for your home. All it takes is a few inspirations here and there, and a trusted designer and contractor. Then, soon enough, you’ll be opening the doors to your very own modern rustic home.

If you’re keen on learning how to bring this type of vibe into your home, read on for the best design ideas.

Use Natural Stone And Reclaimed Wood

When you search online for design ideas for a rustic home, two of the most common architectural elements that’ll come up are natural stone and wood, which could be reclaimed or very versatile wood, among others. Picture out a log cabin in the woods, or a farmhouse, and you’ll get the idea. It’s like bringing the outdoors into your home.

So, wherever you can use them, feature natural stone and reclaimed wood in your home. There are many places to incorporate such elements in a house, like:

  • Use wood in the kitchen for the island countertops, backsplash, or flooring. For this last choice, you can even extend the wood floors to the rest of the home.
  • Build stone walls for accents in your living room, foyer, and even in your bathroom.

Beautifully designed modern rustic home

Focus On A Monochromatic, Neutral Palette

You won’t see a lot of pops of colors in a modern rustic home. Rather than bright hues, you’ll find a lot of muted, monochromatic, neutral tones for the paint. The whole premise of this is that those colors are what would complement the natural stone and reclaimed wood you’ll be using in your house design.

With monochromatic palettes, you get to enjoy the advantage of having a relaxing and simple environment. There’s no eye sore, especially if you’re one who finds bright colors a nuisance.

Play With Texture

One of the characteristics of a modern rustic home is that it exemplifies the beauty of nature. This means that when you bring in natural wood and stone, you have the freedom to play with texture.

Unlike contemporary homes that use a lot of tiles, granite, and quartz, for instance, wood and stone don’t have to be perfectly shined or processed. In fact, it’s best to let their natural design shine. This is what it means by playing with texture. Each grain on the wood tells a story, and that makes your home even more unique. After all, no two grains are exactly the same.

Apart from wood grain, there are other ways you can layer in some texture in your house design, such as:

  • Through your rugs, like when you have to woold or sheepskin carpets, for instance
  • Through your throw pillows, which your sofa should have, as rustic homes are also all about comfort

Hang Some Modern Art

Don’t forget that what you’re after is a modern rustic home, not just rustic. While the majority of your home’s design may now be focused on the rustic vibe, you can still insert a few hints of modern design here and there.

One of the best ways is by hanging modern art. If you really want a hint of color, then this is where you can do so, not on your home’s walls. The modern art you hang can also serve as a good conversation piece when you invite friends and family over.

When placed in the right areas of your home, modern art and paintings can serve as good accent pieces, too. These can help break the monotony of having an all-too-rustic house.

Choose An Open Space Concept

Lastly, choose an open space concept. Modern homes are all about the free flow of movement, while rustic homes are all for comfort. When you mix those two together, an open space layout is what would work best.

With this, you also have to be very intentional with your furniture choices. Keep them as simple as possible, and as clutter-free, as you can. This can help promote the smooth flow from one part of your home to another, so you can have a more seamless and put-together design.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to embrace some of the chic ways to turn your home into a modern, rustic one?  Don’t be too overwhelmed with all that you can do, design-wise. In fact, if you’re excited to get started, then it’s best to go one room at a time. If you’re building from scratch, these are only a few of what you can do. If you’re renovating, give your home a thorough run-through to check which design elements you should change, and which you can keep to come up with the theme and interior design you’re after.