What could be more enchanting than watching the cycle of the moon on the dial of a watch with phases? New moon, first-quarter, full moon, last quarter: the cycle is as unchanging and the display is majestic.

Most often, it’s the aesthetic value rather than the technical prowess that draws watch enthusiasts to the timepiece. First seen in the Antikythera mechanism in 205 BC — an archaic Greek analog device used to predict astronomical events — the moon phase technology was subsequently incorporated into clocks and pocket watches. It was not until the 20th century that luxury watchmakers started featuring this admired complication in wristwatches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Moonphase for Women: A spectacle of Diamonds

It takes 30 days — or exactly 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds — to complete a lunar cycle. The venerated Moonphase complication tracks the current phase of the moon using advanced engineering, indicating whether it’s a new, full, half, or quarter moon. This specific technology has made the collection a path-breaking and iconic range for the luxury watchmaker.

The latest is a series of Dazzling Rendez-Vous models unveiled over the past year—include the Dazzling Rendez-Vous Night & Day (in white gold or pink gold), Rendez-Vous Moon (in white gold) and ruby-set Dazzling Rendez-Vous Red—the rose gold and mother-of-pearl model places the line’s signature moon phase complication front and center.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Moonphase for Women: A spectacle of Diamonds

The champion model launched recently is the luminous Rendez-Vous Moon, packed with 24.7 carats of ice. The bezel set with diamonds completes the look of the watch and transforms it into a piece of jewelry. In addition to diamond-set lugs and a diamond-set winding crown, the Dazzling Rendez-Vous Moon comes on a lavish bracelet flooded with 22.27 carats of diamonds. The unique white mother-of-pearl dial features diamonds on the hour markers, the main hour’s ring and on an inner circle of 47 diamonds, while an opening at 6 o’clock offers a glimpse of a mother-of-pearl moon against the backdrop of a starry glorious night sky.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Moonphase for Women: A spectacle of Diamonds

This collection eludes the same glamour and has successfully achieved the same popularity as the legendary Rendez-Vous Celestial watches. This specific range had gained a cult reputation due to the unique bezel which is set with a color-graduated circle of baguette-cut sapphires, encircling a mother-of-pearl dial that has been hand-painted to replicate the shimmering swirls of the Northern Lights.

Whether you’re adding another watch to your collection or making this the season you invest in a timeless piece, the Moonphase for Women is practically glistening with alluring options and potent dexterity.