Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Piaget is known globally for its incredible work with diamonds and gemstones. Widely known as an innovator in both the watch and jewelry worlds, this degree of perfection is a trademark of the Piaget style, where master artisans continue to hone their skills and challenge their creativity in the “Ateliers de extraordinaire”, delivering creations that continue to exceed expectations.  With its latest collection, Piaget invites you to join them on the joyous journey of the Piaget Bird to a fantasy land full of magic and mystery.

The brand has now come up with a new masterpiece in its Wings of Light collection, “Exquisite moments”. The Highlight of this new collection is the secret watch in its jewelry. Colour takes the center stage with the golden glow of two exceptional diamonds of the most sought-after color grade possible, “Fancy Vivid Yellow”, rendered in a total of 87.73 carats of the purest of diamonds. A true rarity in nature, only one in every ten thousand diamonds are classified as “Fancy”, and of those designated “Fancy Yellow”, only 6% are given the lauded accolade “Vivid”.  Among the most sought-after gems in the world, these diamonds light up the entire creation, shining in effect accentuated by their radiant cut, specifically chosen for these stones, so their facets reflect light like rays of the sun.

Piaget new masterpiece in its Wings of Light collection, “Exquisite moments”.
Piaget’s new masterpiece in its Wings of Light collection, “Exquisite moments”. PIAGET

In an exceptional display of craftsmanship, 491 diamonds are cut into 69 different sizes of the marquise shape. Each one is precisely created to perfectly fit the overall design before being meticulously positioned into its specific place. The marquise cut is deeply cherished by Piaget and has ultimately become one of Maison’s signature. Smoothly and seamlessly, the gems flare out, following the graduating pattern across every part of the bracelet’s curved surface. This process of an astonishing feat of setting produces a stunning effect of volume and depth.

Piaget's new masterpiece in its Wings of Light collection, “Exquisite moments”. PIAGET
Piaget’s new masterpiece in its Wings of Light collection, “Exquisite moments”. PIAGET

But this is achieved when such attention to detail runs to the open-work craftmanship at the back of the jewel, allowing the maximum light possible to penetrate and create a thousand scintillations in the stunning sunburst pattern. Did you know? The secret watch alone as a whole requires an artisan a total of 800 hours of work of the highest caliber at the jeweler’s bench. Apart from Wings of light, the brand also has many high-end pieces of jewelry in its collection like the Piaget TreasuresGolden OasisSunlight Escape.

Piaget as an innovator is a trademark of perfection, and with each collection, the artisans continue to exceed expectations. Unique in every way and the crowning glory in any collection, secret watches always push the limits of excellence and have become a signature of the Maison, which requires a combination of expertise in three different areas like gemmology, watchmaking, and jewelry manufacture. As a horologist, Piaget is inspired by the measurement of time. As gemmologists, they delight in the wonder of the world’s finest gems. And as jewelers, their complement of artistic values and virtuosity are maximized to the full, transforming gold, precious stones, and Swiss movements into wearable works of art. Such is the Midas touch of the Piaget collection.