A new collection by Palácio celebrates craftsmanship with the artfully created QVONTUM collection. A draw of the Palácio brand is the bespoke quality of the pieces that are meant to last a lifetime and to be passed down through generations. The creations house elements such as light, pen, air pod storage and more. Perfected by artists, the cases feature polished metals, engraving, enameling, ad precious gem setting.

A QVONTUM piece is a work of art and is considered with care from the moment of inception. These pieces begin their journey of the creation of machining by Palacio’s master machinist. Next, the component is en route to Palacio’s finishing shop where the meticulous process of design is underway. The finest quality gemstones are selected, rich hues of enameling are mixed and delicate tools begin creating engravings. Lastly, a team of technicians will test the piece to be sure that it is up to their exacting standards. There is not a moment of the creation of a Palacio piece that is not well thought out and considered for its owner who will receive the piece by hand delivery or secure international shipping.

QVONTUM Collection

“I have always been enamored with the creation of beautiful things that also have a purpose. Precision engineered and manufactured parts are cold and lonely until the artist and craftsperson assembles, beautifies and finishes them, giving them appeal, longevity, and heirloom collectability. That defines the essence of The QVONTUM” says  Palácio’s President and CEO John Frederick Ambielli.

QVONTUM Collection

As alluring as it is to own a Palácio piece, the exclusive membership platform is a feature of the brand that reflects the Palácio legacy of commitment to its clients. Once an individual purchases a QVONYUM, which starts at approximately $10,000, he or she is welcomed as a lifetime Palácio Silver Member. Two additional levels of membership follow, ending with the $1,000,000+ level for those who will be welcomed into the Platinum Membership.

With the membership guests are welcomed to some of the world’s most glamorous destinations for a reception where entertainment, meals, and music are unparalleled.