If there is any car-maker that should embrace electric mobility with open arms, it is Rolls-Royce since the ethos on which the company has been based rests easily within the confines of electric mobility. An electric car, after all, is about silence and a motoring experience akin to the instant rush of power. You can argue that a Rolls-Royce is all about having “power” at your fingertips and the fact that their cars do away with a rev counter show how well their cars are ready for electric power.

The new electric Rolls-Royce is a ground-up bespoke motor car, rather fittingly called “Spectre” being shrouded with an air of mystique. First customer deliveries are slated for Q4 2023 and Rolls-Royce claims by 2030, all of their products would be fully electric. Rigorous testing over varied terrain would be conducted before it goes on sale with millions of kilometers being clocked to ascertain the compatibility of the EV to handle tough conditions. 

Rolls-Royce Spectre

This is not the first electric Rolls though since they have dabbled briefly with an all-electric Phantom many years back along with the sci-fi 103X. Back to the new car and it is based on the new Phantom architecture but will take a bold new design theme. Beneath the rather interesting camouflage, it looks like it to be a new coupe version of the Ghost saloon with a sportier look along with futuristic-looking wheels. Rolls-Royce does have the Wraith name within its product line-up which we guess would be the last internal combustion engine Ghost coupe. 

Rolls-Royce says that: “Spectre is a name given to otherworldly beings synonymous with great power and apparition; creatures of an alternative realm that make their presence felt through fleeting manifestation. A Spectre forces the world to pause. It dominates the space it occupies. Then, as quickly as it appears, it dissipates, leaving a wake of exhilaration, energy, and intrigue.

Rolls-Royce Spectre

“This name perfectly matches the extraordinary Rolls-Royce that we are announcing today – a motor car that makes its presence felt before disappearing into a world inaccessible to all but the very few. As a quintessentially British brand, we have selected the British spelling, however, the meaning is universal.

“With this new product, we set out our credentials for the full electrification of our entire product portfolio by 2030. By then, Rolls-Royce will no longer be in the business of producing or selling any internal combustion engine products”.

A fitting name and a new chapter for this famed British luxury marque.