Many people have several opportunities during their lifetime to come across old acquaintances and feel joy for seeing them again, after having been apart for a long time. This same phenomenon, of feeling joy when being visited by someone glad or who you’ve missed, is not so apparent when you cannot see your visitor, though it should be important to be aware of their presence.

Angels are one such lot, we cannot directly see them, but we can indeed feel them, one way or another. Many people have experienced this, a certain intuitive feeling as if someone is trying to speak to them, but they don’t have the ear for it. Sometimes described as a “visit from the other side”, this may well be a higher being trying to find a way to send you a message. 

Is it an angel? There are a few clues that can suggest this…

The Origin of Angels

The exact origin of angels, as with many divine things, is lost in time and is unknown to many people but a selected few. Prophets and philosophers have long studied and argued on this subject, ultimately giving us a few hints on what angels are where do they come from. 

The modern Christian tradition is rather clear on the matter, angels are the helping hand of God, and are here to convey messages, guide, and help people. Artists tend to depict them as very light and fair creatures, often as children with wings. Though this tradition has some merit, there are other ways to look at this.

All major religions agree that they do exist, though it’s the fines of their nature that they do not agree upon. Whatever your specific take on this might be – it is clear that a lot of people have experienced “an angelic presence” and questioned this experience to gain some answers.

Reading up on theological discussions would be a good starting point to get an idea of what angels are, even before trying to decipher some of their symbols and signs.

How They Communicate

It is supposed that they exist, or at least function on a different energy frequency to ours, so while we might not be able to experience them in a physical sense, we might be able to communicate using something in common. Furthermore, it is supposed that they know people well enough to see how we use and give meaning to numbers, dots, and lines all the time, so they try and use them to reach out to humans. 

The most common notion is that certain numbers will appear to send a message. As mentioned in this helpful guide on angel numbers, while most digits we encounter are rather meaningless, signifying nothing more than quantity, some numbers, either written or in the form of natural phenomenon, are meant to be interpreted to discover a hidden message. Apart from that, the very powerful use of symbolism via physical objects and graphic depictions is also a way of getting to people who cannot hear angels otherwise.

Understanding Angelic Symbols

There is not a fixed list of what angelic symbols are, though throughout history they have changed as society has changed. What was considered a sign of blessing for the medieval farmer (a play of shadows of a candle? A heavy rainfall after sowing?) is not the same as people view it today, with their modern understanding of the world. 

Symbols have changed from Ancient Greece to modern times considerably, yet the constant thing is that they are present and are being recognized everywhere. Religious symbols, such as the cross, are often associated with angels, though more often certain human features are associated. 

A person whose innocence and beauty inspires good deeds in others, or someone so light and fair they seem as if they are only missing wings to fly to Heaven, those are the ones usually associated with angels and are sometimes interpreted as their message in physical form. To understand them one cannot directly pose a question but has to follow a gut feeling and seek a deeper meaning. 

visited by angels

Pay Attention

People look, but they do not see. This has been rather evident through human history, as many people know – everyone is oblivious to certain things if they are not actively looking for them. Unfortunately, this means that most people miss out not only on life but also on things that are beyond life, things that have been sent to them, just not obviously like over the phone. 

Paying attention to symbols around you is the first step in experiencing the real world, not just the physical one. The passage of time, how all things are related to one another, how certain natural occurrences seem to coincide with your feelings or thoughts – all of those things might be directed towards you by an angel.

One, of course, can never be too sure about this, as all symbols can be interpreted in several ways, but a repeating pattern and guidance from more experienced people might be just the thing that gets the rock rolling.

Consider Sharing Your Experience

You are not alone in this. All people have a connection with the divine, one way or another, and getting in touch with that is universal throughout mankind. Through prayer, art, feats of strength, or simply through careful thinking, people have experienced wonderful things that were attributed to angelic presence. 

Psychics are professionals in this field, so much that even some celebrities need to consult more knowledgeable people on this matter before doing anything important. So sharing your doubts and observations with other like-minded people may lead you to find what you are looking for. If it wasn’t for people who openly talked about their experience with the “other-worldly” many people would still be walking in the dark.

visited by angels

Maybe not in the form of Cupid, with his small wings and bow, but definitely in the form of symbols not otherwise present – angels try to communicate with humans and guide them in times of need. Ignoring them may lead to ruin, as not every road is safe to travel, and sometimes it takes a higher knowledge to know that beforehand.