If you love a stylish timepiece, we have a selection to suit your distinguished taste. 

Arnold & Son Nebula 41.5 Steel timepiece

A New Star: Arnold & Son Nebula 41.5 Steel

Harmonious, radiant, and intense, the Nebula’s skeleton movement reveals a structure in grey and blue tones. It combines steel with a PVD treatment on diametrically opposing bridges for a perfectly chic visual effect.  In addition to being the most symmetrical of Arnold & Son’s watches, it is ultra-thin, at just 8.73 mm. Available with a steel bracelet or a blue rubber strap, the Nebula 41.5 Steel radiates cool and intense elegance.

The first generation of the Nebula established its place in the House’s galaxy. Drawing on the legacy of John Arnold, a new star emerges to join this collection. The Nebula 41.5 Steel introduces different color treatments, new finishes, and new, even more, powerful and attractive details. 

The name Nebula was chosen as a reference to the giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Some nebulas emerge from the gas and dust expelled when a dying star, like a supernova, explodes. Other nebulas are regions where new stars start to form. The seven bridges on the dial side of this timepiece radiate from the center outwards, giving this sculptural movement the impression of a cosmic explosion. 

The A&S5201 caliber was specially created for this piece and brings all of its characters. It is set apart by its skeletonization and almost perfect symmetry. The traditional shape of its bridges harks back to John Arnold’s chronometers and their open-worked structure accentuates the feeling of lightness in a very mechanistic design. 

Angelus Chronodate Red Gold & Chronodate Titanium timepiece

The Evolution of an Icon – Angelus Chronodate Red Gold & Chronodate Titanium

Launching Chronodate, Angelus is paying homage to the first collection made famous by a chronograph caliber presented 80 years ago, in 1942. The Chronodate is available in three limited series of 25 pieces whose aesthetics are inspired both by historic Angelus references and the sleek, openwork lines of its recent pieces. With its modular 42.5 mm case, the Chronodate combines red gold, titanium, and carbon. Its bicompax automatic chronograph movement is encircled by a peripheral date in reference to the original model. 

The Chronodate collection presents a fusion of Angelus styles, with both the historical brand that is part of the Swiss watchmaking landscape and the technical brand with its ultra-dynamic designs of recent years. The choice of chronograph movement and peripheral date is reminiscent of the brand’s glory days and contrasts with the multi-structure and multi-material exterior.

Chronodate is presented in a 42.5 mm case. The movement sits within a container made of carbon composite, chosen for its rigidity and lightness. The chronograph’s push-pieces and the ring inserted between the case middle and the bezel are also cut from this matt black material. 

Around this container, Angelus has designed a complex case with six main components that bring the case middle and lugs into a single line and house the bezel marked with twelve notches. The ensemble is available in red gold or titanium. 

Kross Studio, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC releases “The Batman” timepiece

For The Serious Collector – Kross Studio, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC releases “The Batman”

Kross Studio and Warner Bros. Consumer Products expand their ongoing partnership with their latest collaboration featuring two new projects in celebration of the Warner Bros. Pictures’ film “The Batman,” including a new 10-piece, limited-numbered “The Batman” Collector set and a new series of “The Batman”-themed watch rolls. The luxury collector set includes “The Batman” Tourbillon watch and an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece.  

The new collection of watch rolls, each sold separately, will feature four distinct representations inspired by iconic DC characters from the film: Batman (two editions), Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and The Riddler.

The Kross team developed a wristwatch that embodies Batman, with its dark styling, ultra-precise movement, and the Bat-Signal representation so famously used to summon the Superhero. Here, it is a canvas for a central tourbillon cage in the form of a Bat emblem. The watch was created with a new version of Kross Studio’s in-house developed and produced caliber KS 7’000: the mechanical hand-wound 3 Hz caliber KS 7’001, with a 5-day power reserve. Placed atop the central tourbillon’s oversized cage, the miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through and enables glimpses of the regulator below, and makes one revolution per minute.