Similar to pairing wine with food, you can create a taste sensation by pairing olive oil with particular foods. With different aromas, textures and flavors, there’s a range of possibilities to be creative with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To pair olive oil with your next dish, you need to decide if you want a complimentary or contrasting flavor to your dish.


​Delicate oils, such as Cobram Estate’s Premiere Extra Virgin Olive Oil, tend to have smooth flavor with some fruitiness. This super premium oil is medium style blend with distinctive fresh green grass aromas that combine hints of green apples with medium levels of bitterness and late pungency. A versatile oil, it is particularly suited to enhancing the tomato and herb based sauces of traditional Italian pasta dishes. It can also be used for drizzling over salads or roasted vegetables.


In contrast, intensely bold oils like Cobram Estate’s Robust Flavor Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a more assertive taste with a spicy aroma. This rich and appealing oil is best enjoyed when drizzled over pasta dishes or vegetables, used as a marinade, incorporated in stews or casseroles and added to tomato-based sauces.


For something in the middle, the Classic Flavor is the way to go with a stunning finish exhibiting moderate bitterness, pungency and a creamy aftertaste. This multi-purpose fruity oil is ideal for sautéing, grilling – or simply for dipping crusty bread. 


No matter what taste sensation you’re going for, Cobram Estate has an olive oil to bring out the flavor you desire.


Ian Curleys Grissini Stick Salad

The trick to this salad is choosing as many different colored shape and sizes of tomatoes you can!

For each person you need enough tomatoes to cut about .5 cm thick and place all over the plate so it’s covered with different shaped and coloured slices.

You will need about 50 g of feta cheese per person, a few basil leaves and Cobram estate olive oil and salt/pepper. One shallot per person sliced, salted and then rinsed and dressed in a little red wine vinegar.

You can also use mozzarella instead if you and your family or friends like that better!


  • 2 tsp dry yeast
  • 500ml warm water
  • 960g flour
  • 1 tbs  salt
  • 70 ml Cobram estate robust olive oil
  • Rosemary- chopped
  • A pinch of sguar


  1. Combine all ingredients in kitchen aid, with the dough hook
  2. Mix for 5 minutes until smooth dough is formed
  3. Prove overnight in the fridge
  4. Roll in 2 mm thin sticks and bake until golden on 180º
  5. Cool down and you can keep this in an airtight container in your pantry

Assemble the tomatoes on each individual plate, season with salt and pepper and olive oil.  Crumble feta or mozzarella on each plate and drizzle with olive oil.  Place shallot rings around the plate. Lastly decorate with torn basil leaves and grissini sticks in whatever pattern you like.

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