If you find yourself just outside of L.A. in Santa Monica, you will want to venture over to FIG. Celebrities still escape to this quintessentially California area, so one never knows who or what Hollywood star they may run into. FIG’s Chef Ray updates the luxury dining scene in Santa Monica by embracing concepts important to everyone – stars and discreet patrons alike – such as simple freshness along with the sustainability.

FIG has been called a “raging success” by the Los Angeles Times. This success is closely aligned with Chef Ray Garcia’s involvement with the sustainability movement. FIG serves only the freshest local and organically grown ingredients. These carefully-chosen ingredients come straight from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Sourcing his recipe items locally result in more intense flavors without using unnecessary, unsavory additives. The difference in taste and quality is immediately evident and luxurious.

“The techniques I use to prepare FIG’s signature dishes are simple and straightforward, focusing on taste above all.  Just great ingredients prepared and presented with a minimum of fuss to bring out the best of what nature has already created,” says Chef Ray Garcia.

Chef Ray believes that a great dining experience begins with only the freshest ingredients. For example, he has partnered with local farmers to present annual “Farm Dinners,” during which he sources all ingredients from a local farm. During one such event, the dinner took place on the actual farm where he picked local heirloom tomatoes and other fresh ingredients for his dinner party.

“Over the years, I have been exposed to many culinary trends and techniques. Yet, I’ve always longed to create a restaurant that introduced people to the basic pleasure of good ingredients,” he said.

There is much more to Chef Ray outside of the kitchen. Once a law school student, he is now extremely involved in the Let’s Move campaign, which is America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids. He visits local schools to perform healthy cooking demos or educates in the garden about sustainability, committed to spreading his word throughout the community of Santa Monica and beyond.

FIG is within the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, which is within walking distance of both the Santa Monica Pier and Muscle Beach. Another perk is that it is just a short drive from The Getty Villa, a gorgeous art museum and shopping on Montana Avenue, which features upscale shopping boutiques and is surrounded by a neighborhood of beautiful homes and mansions.

Enjoy a recipe from FIG until you can visit yourself. If you visit the restaurant, be sure to take home a bottle of FIG’s signature wine that just arrived from the vineyard!

FIG Restaurant
101 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 319-3111