Àtiz founder and designer, Swati Padmaraj, is originally from Mumbai. She has achieved two Masters Degrees including inorganic chemistry and business, and more recently a BA in apparel design.

Fashion has been a lifelong passion and Padmaraj’s knowledge base provides a unique perspective that guides her apparel design. Her inorganic chemistry knowledge influences product development and environmental choices.

•       Environment: Although “green“ and “organic” are current buzzwords, her insights into the organic make-up of certain fabrics paired with popular manufacturing processes reveal which choices can actually harm the environment. Did you know that polyester may be more environmentally friendly than “organic” cotton?
•       Product Development: Àtiz features striking hues of color on garments that are lasting pieces in the wardrobe. The chemical make-up of fabrics determines how fibers will accept color saturation and at what level it will compromise the fabric. Using the highest quality materials such as silks, jacquards, tencel, rayon/linen blends, Padmaraj is able to produce garments that last.
•       Finishes: The possibilities with chemistry are endless, especially when selecting or manipulating synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester, or spandex and applying innovative fabric finishes.  We’ve seen this in activewear that offers UPF protection, and in the dyes and pigments selected by Padmaraj that deliver shiny or opaque colored threads to enhance the designs.


Melding Eastern influence with Western innovation, the current and debut Àtiz collection features the trench gown, a favorite for Padmaraj, who describes the style as a classic, elegant statement piece that works to bring out the personality of the woman wearing it. Additional signature brand design elements include floral embroideries, intricate stitching, detailed inserts, translucent layering, and dresses in silhouettes that flatter the body.

The Àtiz Spring/Summer 2015 collection will be ready just in time for fashion weeks this fall.  It features 17-pieces including tailored peplum jackets and dress shirts to be paired with sheer flare bottom palazzo pants, and flattering pencil skirts. Highlights include the trench gown, a stunning jumpsuit with sheer panels, and a signature tunic dress.

Àtiz will be unveiling the Spring 2015 Collection at the upcoming Vancouver, Portland, and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks. The new collection will also be available online as of September.

About Àtiz Àtiz creates sophisticated women’s wear for those seeking to encounter classic style in beautiful new ways. Eastern tradition and Western innovation merge in the elegance of a single style that is the vision of founder and designer Swati Padmaraj.  Striking textiles of her Indian homeland, combined with classic silhouettes of Western daywear, create stunning and modern designs for the international woman who is ready to travel the world.  For more information, please visit www.atizfashionhouse.com.