Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and every Easter Sunday, friends and family get together to attend church services, and enjoy festive family meals, Easter egg decoration, and gift-giving. Symbolizing the empty tomb of Jesus, from which Jesus was resurrected, eggs are painted and decorated all around the world to commemorate the festive day. Some eggs though are not like the others as they are lavishly decorated and simply exquisite.

Van Gohgh Blossom Easter Egg - Vegan Egg

Van Gogh Blossom Easter Egg | Vegan Egg

As one of London’s most luxurious chocolate companies, Melt produces handmade fresh chocolates from world-class chocolatiers in their boutique kitchens and shops. Bringing the kitchen in the shop provides guests the unique approach to see the full life cycle from chocolates being made to them being gift-wrapped in front of you. To celebrate Van Gogh, who lived in London, Melt created an exclusive Melt Van Gogh Easter Egg inspired by Notting Hill, one of the greatest urban environments in the world. Set against a blue backdrop, the white and pink colors of the cherry and magnolia trees are masterfully detailed. (£89.00)

Dark Chocolate Spring Eater Egg 230g

Dark Chocolate Spring Egg 230g

Known for high fashion and chic interiors, Armani partnered with Guido Gobino for their fashionable Dark chocolate spring egg 230g. Available in dark or milk chocolate, the egg comes gift wrapped in a box with a beautiful blend of purple and green, the brand’s signature colors. Each egg is stamped with the iconic “A” in contrast with the brand’s signature colors to provide a sleek contrast to the milk coating. (€65.00)

Hand-Painted Easter Eggs by Fortnum and Mason

Hand-painted Chick Egg, 500g

Originally established in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, the upmarket department store’s humble beginnings started with creating hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and coated with breadcrumbs for travelers heading west. They present their hand-painted Chick Egg crafted exclusively by master chocolatiers in Wales, using highly aromatic Fine Flavour Colombian milk chocolate and a layer of creamy white chocolate. The natural pigments of the paint used to draw the chick and background bring a special treat for those lucky enough this Easter. (£60.00)

Claridge's Easter Egg

Claridge’s Easter Egg

Presented in a sleek jade gift box, the limited-edition 2019 Claridge’s Easter Egg brings elegance to everyone’s celebrations. Inspired by their striking black-and-white marble lobby, the art deco treat is made from the finest quality Valrhona milk, white or dark chocolate. Taking three days to craft each egg, the egg is an equal art piece and tasty. Inside you will find a selection of hand-made salted-caramel gull’s eggs. (£55.00)

Easter Eggs with Legs Jewel Edition

Eggs with Legs – Jewel Edition

First opened in Knightsbridge in 1831, Harvey Nichols has paved the way for cutting-edge designer brands to become one of the UK’s premier luxury retailers. Created by ceramic designer Mary Rose Young, this hand-painted decorated egg cup was created exclusively for Harvey Nichols and offered in two styles. The Rose Edition features a rosebud-shaped fastening on the shoe and a floral pattern, while the Jewel Edition has a slightly more bling buckle and stripy breeches. Only 125 of each of the two designs have been produced with each egg being unique and individually numbered. (£50.00)

Glorious Nobu Chocolate Easter Egg

Glorious Nobu Chocolate Eg

Available for pre-order only up until April 23, Nobu Shoreditch presents six types of Easter Eggs to celebrate its chocolate extravaganza. The most decadent is the Glorious Nobu Chocolate Egg is made in-house with 72% Valrhona Chocolate. g (£50.00)

Big Lovely Heart Easter Egg

Big Lovely Heart Egg

Famed Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini opened his first shop in Lyon, France following winning the World Champion Pastry Chef title in 1995. Since then, the company has become a destination for luxury chocolate online shopping along with opening over 30 stores worldwide. Made of dark chocolate, the Big Lovely Heart Egg contains 30 small egg products inside with heart symbols made from white chocolate on its exterior. (€49.00)

The Turned Easter Egg Dark

The Turned Easter Egg – Dark

An original Pierre Tachon creation, the Turned Easter Egg – Dark is a 400g chocolate connoisseurs delight. Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse presents these decadently-crafted eggs which appear to have been carved, sculpted, and handcrafted. Filled with praline and plain chocolate Easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish, the design and taste evoke the artisanal chocolate of the manufacturer. (€47.00)