Sometimes it’s all in a word. Take the word GRADE for example.

Derived from the term GRADIENT, in the case of this architecture and interior design company, grade represents their process; that of distilling information to its essential property. In addition and based on partner Thomas Hickey’s background working with Robert AM Stern Architects prior, it also represents his particular desire to distill traditional values into modern visions.


GRADE in essence, is an interior design duo namely Thomas Hickey and Edward Yedid, who highly specialize in gorgeous, luxe, modern spaces. Founded in 2001, this is a multi-disciplinary New York-based architecture and interior design company that translates clients’ visions and style into luxurious, personalized spaces. With a portfolio spanning high-end residences and restaurants to luxury retailers and custom furniture, GRADE’s aesthetic is rooted in client driven and informed design that fuses tradition with modernity, featuring an emphasis on singular pieces with a transformative edge.  This company has also introduced a signature line of furnishings, characterized by their unique brand of clean lines and the tasteful interplay of quality materials, featuring masculine silhouettes and sleek materials such as lacquer, leather and polished chrome, further ensuring the brand’s portfolio is a fully articulated experience. Highlights include the GRADE Club Chair, GRADE Console Table and the GRADE Bench.

web1 Upscale Living caught up with partner Ed Yedid, in between projects and cups of coffee! He graciously offered us an insider’s view of GRADE:

ULM: Holistic has become what seems to be a much overused buzz word in your industry and in other industries. Tell us a little bit more about your holistic approach.

Ed Yedid  – We are an architectural design firm and no matter what the prophecy; be it a restaurant, a building or a home, we consider all factors at once, from the nature of the structure to the personality of the owner. We get information from our clients about who what where and how and take it from there, rather than compartmentalizing, we consider all as a whole.

How and when did you know that you had an eye for interiors?

Ed Yedid  I always loved beautiful things. I always noticed beautiful things. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my mother was renovating our apartment. I was the kid that knew exactly what I wanted my bedroom to look like; all charcoal and grey lacquer furnishings. I cared a lot about music, and even my stereo sound system coordinated with this. Just grey and charcoal with only a bit of color. It was definitely innate.

What is the best interior design advice that you’ve ever been given?

Ed Yedid  Know what you are looking for and find someone in the industry who understands. Also work for the people that you admire.

A Sampling of Completed Projects


Greene Street Loft Location: New York, NY

Completed in May 2011, this private residence is a 3,712 sq. ft. loft located on Manhattan’s Greene Street, in the upscale Soho district. GRADE designed the loft to serve primarily as an entertaining space for a large family of five, opening up the living, dining and play areas to create a large unified living area ideal for social gatherings and musical performances, per the family’s hobbies. In keeping with the client’s musical inclinations, GRADE repurposed the living room area’s back wall to serve as a stage for the family when practicing instruments or performing for friends.


Tiffany & Co. Location: Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In working with this iconic company, GRADE’s objective was to re-brand the retailer for the Asian market while still maintaining and modernizing its longstanding and highly recognized hallmarks. Each boutique referenced elements of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, translating the design into a more contemporary aesthetic.

An Upcoming Project


The Arman Location: New York, NY
A dedication to renowned artist Arman, this luxury residential building is slated for completion in September 2012. Merging art and comfort, this 16,380 sq. ft. structure in West Soho features over 100 feet of southern exposure allowing the natural component of light to add a holistic nuance.