Head Chef, Aaron Patterson is renowned for serving the most delicious dishes at the Michelin Star restaurant at Hambleton Hall, Rutland.

Patterson’s ever-evolving menu offers the best food in the country by combining innovation with the very best produce. As a result, the hall has not only become an attraction for staying guests but also for visitors far and wide.

How did your culinary career begin?
My mother and father were also in the business and at the age of 16 I started as an apprentice chef under the guidance of Nicholas Gill.

You gained experience from Raymond Blanc and Anton Mosiman, how did this have an impact on you?
I learned the art of self-discipline and how to bring out the best in people (I think)! By watching them whilst working with them I realized that this career is a marathon, not a hundred-meter race!

If you had to take away one piece of valuable learning from them, what would it be?
You need to have a balanced lifestyle and the right person at home behind you.

You are a Michelin-star chef, other than that, what has been your career highlight to date?
Having my own TV series Wild About Food.

What is your signature dish at Hambleton Hall?
Anything to do with the game as any chef who has previously worked with me would say.

Do you have a favorite dish to cook?
If I was pushed to answer I would say lobster because my children and I love it but the varieties the seasons bring make me change my tune frequently

Where do you find your inspiration?
By looking for ingredients in season, meeting local producers, and enjoying eating out around the country

Tell us about the produce you use for your dishes at Hambleton Hall.
We have a very good kitchen garden and over the years I have built up many relationships with people as enthusiastic as I am about fantastic produce.

Which is your favorite season’s produce to cook with?
Summer and autumn.

Do you have a guilty pleasure dish that you cook for yourself?
Slow braised shoulder of lamb with the potatoes cooked under the lamb to catch all the flavor with garlic and rosemary.

Can you share any new dishes expected in the new year at Hambleton Hall?
We have recently changed the whole menu and approach to send a clear message to our clients and this will continue to happen throughout the year, as I love challenging myself and the crew.