What looks hot on the road and drives like a dream? The 2020 BMW M8, a car that is built not only for speed but also for beauty. Based on the original 8 series, it is available both as a cute convertible and a powerful coupe. With prices starting from $133,995, the car is set to blow the competition out of the water when it comes to style, speed, and bragging rights.

Here are just some of the fantastic features this car offers:

2020 BMW M8

High-Performance Engine

Each BMW M8 boasts a twin-turbo S63 V8 engine and unlike the standard M8, which offers 600 horsepower, the 2020 offering stands at 617 and about 55 pound-feet in terms of torque. The eight-speed automatic transmission is also present in both models, along with wheel-mounted shift paddles.

The powerful force that this setup generates is directed towards an all-wheel-drive system that propels the car to 155 miles per hour just within 3.2 seconds. Plus, the car can turn around corners effortlessly at high speed since the force can torque vector across the back axle.

2020 BMW M8

Built For Comfort and Entertainment

The interior of the 2020 BMW M8 is lined in luxury, a feature that is common in all BMW M cars. Designed for comfort, it boasts leather seats in the front which are heated and designed to offer four-way lumbar support that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Even the dash is designed with leather and features carbon fiber trim as do the doors and the console. The steering wheel looks and feels powerful to the touch and the armrests are heated so the driver and passengers are basically swaddled in comfort and luxury throughout a drive.

2020 BMW M8

The instrument panel is an impressive 12.3-inch long and opens up the navigation map in the center with the horsepower and twin torque gauges on the right. The high-tech touch screen display can be used to access the iDrive 7.0, which differs from the previous versions that contained frustrating layers of access.

The rear seat is, perhaps, one of the finest features that stand out mostly because of the fact that competitors don’t offer them. It can also fold down to reveal the trunk, which can accommodate up to 14.8 cubic feet (in the coupe) and 12.4 cubic feet (in the convertible) of cargo.

2020 BMW M8

The bottom line is that both the coupe and convertible in the BMW M8 lineup offer the ultimate in comfort, style, and speed, making them supercars in their own right. Besides looking absolutely gorgeous on the road, it packs enough power to give you an adrenaline rush in seconds.