Electrified classic cars are a tricky subject since it threatens to change the very essence of these cars while many will argue that instill fresh vigor and lets us enjoy these shapes for many more years. No matter what, there are various firms engaging in the successful business of restomods and electrified cars which explains the healthy demand for them. Similarly, Aquaman star, Jason Momoa has converted his vintage Rolls-Royce into an EV. The conversion was done by UK-based Ekectrogenic and interestingly, it is not within the realm of a restomod since it basically only uses an EV powertrain while preserving its other characteristics.

Electrogenic Jason Momoa electric Rolls-Royce on the roam
Electrogenic Jason Momoa electric Rolls-Royce on the roam. Photo by Finn Beales

Arguably, electric power suits a Rolls-Royce more than anything and here, the 7.7l pushrod OHV engine has been replaced by a motor and battery. The battery pack is a large 93kWh, replacing the engine block and gearbox. The battery has also been tailored specifically to the model in question; housed within the car’s original architecture with no modifications being made to the structure itself. There is a lot more power on tap now with the batteries feeding an electric motor mounted between the chassis rails via a custom single-speed direct drive transmission. There is a total of 150kW and 310Nm of torque to the fixed reduction gear which delivers 1,000Nm to the prop shaft.

Some modern amenities have crept in though with CCS rapid charging and a Bluetooth sound system. The original driver’s controls have been repurposed to select the different drive modes, and a “regen” control has also been included. The interior remains the same as the original and the gauges are also period correct while delivering driver information. The software has been developed in-house by Electrogenic themselves. Jason and Electrogenic wanted to preserve the original look while now there are hand-crafted panels, 1060 hand-pressed rivets, and hand-polishing.

Electrogenic Jason Momoa electric Rolls-Royce CCS charging
Electrogenic Jason Momoa electric Rolls-Royce CCS charging. Photo by Finn Beales

There were challenges in regards to integrating an EV drivetrain amongst its original mechanical persona, especially with the entirely mechanical, ‘through-flow’ chassis lubrication system plus the brakes. The original cable-operated braking system has been repositioned and the brakes are operated by a new pedal, with braking power amplified by a new hydraulic system installed between the new pedal and the original cable actuators. Like many new EVs, the brakes also work with the regen function.

Hence, this electric Rolls-Royce is exactly what Henry Royce would have envisioned today with the advent of electric vehicle technology while also enabling this vintage car to be easy to drive and easy to maintain with none of the vagaries of vintage/classic car ownership.