An exclusive look into the residential project designed by Lori Morris called Castle for One.

The name alone “Castle for One” evokes a bit of mystery. What is the story behind this project?

A castle is regal; it conjures an air of sophistication, significance and awe. The Castle for One was completely custom-designed for our client – including constructing the house itself. The result is breathtaking and provides the client with that initial feeling she sought when she came to Lori Morris – to be surrounded by a home that inspires and empowers her.

The Great Room - Lori Morris
How did you decide on the color scheme here? Did the grounds of the property influence you?

Traditionally, castles would be situated near stunning natural environments and in this case, the Castle for One is framed by a gorgeous ravine full of verdant hues and rich, deep browns. In the foyer, great room and hall we evoked the ravine’s palette with black archways, a vibrantly grained wood floor, chartreuse accent walls, warm golds in the chandeliers and millwork, and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace that induces the essence of an ancient, epic redwood. The overall effect is a natural palette, but it’s taken to new heights of elegance and lavishness.

The Great Room (2)
Those entry doors! The intricate detail and oversized scale set the tone beautifully. Along with designing materials for clients, where are your favorite places to shop for one-of-a kind pieces?

The Castle for One doors were refurbished from an authentic century-old chateau in France. Incorporating such a statement piece into the space further emphasizes the epitome of a castle and ensures that, each time the client enters her home, she is moved by its significance and grandeur. We create one-of-a-kind statement pieces for our clients at LMD, and I find inspiration for our designs across the globe; in France for the Castle for One, or for our Versailles in the Sky design for another client, I had incredible marble fireplaces hand-carved in India. Inspiration and intricacy is everywhere if you seek it.

If you could move to another country for one year solely for artistic inspiration, where would you direct the jet?

France – or more specifically, Paris – in a heartbeat!

What are your favorite materials to use in a kitchen? Where are your favorite places to source for stone?

My favourite place to source stone is Italy and I travel there often to select materials. In the Castle for One, we used Michaelangelo marble on the island with a smooth white marble backsplash, both Italian. The contrast is powerful and pushes forward the vibrant red statement piece.

Dining Room
I love black used in a dining room such as this one. It must feel like a risk for some clients, though. How do you help clients see how your vision will work in their space, even if it is something that they are hesitant about at first?

Black is seductive and intriguing; it lures you in and takes a design beyond limitations. In order to be an innovator, you must step out of that comfort zone. As an artist, my clients are my muses, and through my artistry their vision comes to life. I help them see what could be when they open themselves up to creative possibility. They trust me to evoke the emotion they seek to achieve in their space because they know I deliver beyond expectations; an LMD home is incomparable.

Bedroom (1)
What is your favorite room in “Castle for One”? What is your favorite room in your own home, and why?

My favorite room is the bedroom; it exudes romance and majesty. We used layers of materials and textures to create a sensual experience, and we designed the ornate domed ceiling to provide a fabulous canopy over the luxurious bed, with its extended upholstered headboard. The strength of this piece is offset by the softness of the pale blue palette; again providing elements of contrast and interest that exist throughout the home.

Bedroom (2)

The layering in your work creates such a sumptuous feeling. The rooms feel alive with all of these different silks, metals, stones and wallpapers. Name some of your signature elements of design:

What binds the LMD repertoire together is its distinctiveness. A Lori Morris design is unique, intricate and all yours. We go beyond expectations; we create entire custom spaces for our clients. From the textiles and hardware, furniture and art to the building itself – each piece is exceptional. There are no rules, only imagination. The signature of LMD is creativity, vision and haute couture.


Dream up your ideal client, they can be alive or passed away. Who would it be?

My ideal client describes to me the feeling they want to achieve in their home, and then I am able to use my artistry to bring that to life. The Castle for One is a perfect example of how I can make a client’s dream become her reality.