What are the best golf accessories every golfer needs? From balls to training aids this should have you covered.

There is an abundance of golf accessories available for every golfer from the best golf gloves in 2023 to the best umbrellas. Here we spotlight some of the best around. 

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. Source Titleist
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. Courtesy of Titleist

Best Golf Accessories: Golf Balls

Finding the right ball is vital to your game and there are a range of options to choose from depending on swing speed, desired spin rates, and other determining factors. 

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Since its introduction in 2000, the three-layer Pro V1 has been a staple for the world’s top players. Titleist says this Pro V1 has the softest cover they have ever used delivering extra greenside spin and lower long-game spin than the Pro V1x.

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

This is the 10th generation of the excellent AD333, providing more distance and forgiveness than previous models thanks to a reduction in compression and remodeled FastLayer Core.  

Galvin Green Lewis Thermal Golf Gloves. Courtesy of Galvin Green
Galvin Green Lewis Thermal Golf Gloves. Courtesy of Galvin Green

Best Golf Accessories: Gloves and Mitts

This accessory is a necessity for winter golf. It is handy to keep something like this in your golf bag at all times for any eventuality. 

Galvin Green Lewis Thermal Golf Gloves

The Lewis gloves are a high-quality product with a Cabretta leather palm and super tacky fingertips to provide excellent grip. The gloves are incredibly breathable and feature Interface-1 technology. The gloves are also windproof to keep your hands warm. 

Ping Cart Winter Mittens

The Cart Winter Mittens by Ping feature their Sensorwarm technology and five-finger fleece lining for maximum warmth on the course. They are water resistant to survive in a host of weather conditions. 

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer. Courtesy of Walmart
Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer. Source: Walmart

Best Golf Accessories: Training Aids

Training aids are a brilliant tool when used correctly but with so many to choose from it is crucial to find the best ones to reduce your scores.

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer

This swing trainer helps to strengthen the necessary muscles used in a golf swing, assists with the rhythm of the swing, and teaches the need to swing the club properly. The trainer is designed to wobble when the tempo isn’t quite right which is a great way of learning how best to swing a golf club.

PuttOut Academy Putting Studio

Practicing putting is crucially important and there is no better equipment to do it with than the PuttOut Academy Putting Studio. Included in the package is a six-foot putting mat, alignment markings, putting mirror, targets, suggested drills, and the magnificent PuttOut Pressure Trainer designed to help you roll the ‘perfect putt’. Many of the items in the package can also be used on real greens.

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Golf Umbrella. Courtesy of Falbergolf.com
Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Golf Umbrella. Courtesy of Falbergolf.com

Best Golf Accessories: Umbrellas

An umbrella on the golf course is worth its weight in gold when the heavens open so it is great to get one you can rely on keeping you dry. 

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Golf Umbrella

This Mizuno umbrella may not be the largest on the market with a 55” diameter but it is incredibly functional. Available in four different colorways, there is an option for every golfer. The umbrella is incredibly popular on tour. 

Under Armour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

At 68” in diameter, this is an impressively large umbrella that guarantees protection from the most treacherous downpours. Using Under Armour’s signature Storm technology, it is incredibly substantial and durable. 

Golfino Stretch Belt. Courtesy of Golfino
Golfino Stretch Belt. Courtesy of Golfino

Best Golf Accessories: Belts

Belts can be a staple for many outfits and there are certainly some options out there that will really stand out alongside other options which are much more traditional and classic.

Golfino Stretch Belt

The Stretch belt is made from 100% elastane and is a colorful option by Golfino designed to be suitable for any shape and size. The buckle is bold which will appeal to those who want to spruce up their outfit. 

Puma 6-Pack Web Belts

This pack of 6 web belts from Puma is an ideal option to give you plenty of possibilities to wear around your waist to complete your outfit. There are three reversible webbed straps to partner the iconic Puma buckle. 

OceanTee 54mm & 70mm Bamboo Tees 40 mixed pack. Courtesy of Americangolf.co.uk
OceanTee 54mm & 70mm Bamboo Tees 40 mixed pack. Courtesy of Americangolf.co.uk

Best Golf Accessories: Tees and Towels

Making sure you have the right tees is just as important as the right clubs, and having a towel that will clean and dry your clubs well cannot be overstated. 

OceanTee 54mm & 70mm Bamboo Tees (40 mixed pack)

These tees are 100% sustainable and the brand does all it can to reduce their carbon footprint. The bamboo tees are extremely tough and last considerably longer than a plastic or wooden equivalent. 

Titleist’s The Ultimate Tour Inspired Golf Towel

This towel measures 16” x 32” so there is no issue of it being too small for any equipment you need to clean. Titleist’s maximum absorption terry material makes it a perfect option even when wet.